Southern Sky Brands Selects the Dual Draft Integrated Airflow System for a State-of-the-Art Mississippi Cultivation Facility

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CANTON, Miss. — Southern Sky Brands, a vertically integrated provider of Mississippi-made, plant-based medicine, has selected the Dual Draft Integrated Airflow system as a part of the company’s new state-of-the-art vertical cannabis cultivation facility in Canton, Mississippi. The Dual Draft installation supports optimal indoor plant environments in one of the first medical cannabis facilities designed and operated in The Magnolia State. The facility expects production to commence in Fall 2022.

Steve Merritt, Chief Operating Officer of Southern Sky Brands, is a national expert in designing, constructing, and operating efficient, productive cultivation facilities. Merritt and his team have worked closely with the Dual Draft team to ensure seamless integration in support of a highly efficient cultivation facility design. Design team specifications utilized Dual Draft’s Hurricane Airbox and proprietary Zero-Clearance Airbox to ensure maximum space is dedicated to plant canopy.


Merrit comments, “Our team believes that under-canopy airflow is an overlooked element of a healthy indoor plant environment. Dual Draft’s airflow system not only resolves microclimates, but addresses drainage issues that – left unchecked – lead to pest, mold and microbial issues. Dual Draft has been adopted to help Southern Sky Brands achieve our production models.”

“The Southern Sky Brands team has assembled the A-team of cultivation. They are adopting the industry’s best solutions and cultivation strategies, focusing on indoor plant environments for optimized growth,” comments Greg Panella, CEO of Integrated Hydro Solutions and co-inventor of Dual Draft Integrated Airflow. “Dual Draft is part of an integrated approach for Southern Sky Brands to deliver high-quality medical marijuana products to the patients of Mississippi – starting with the ultramodern Canton facility.”

To learn more about the updates to the Canton facility, please contact Cindy Higa at [email protected] or 678-357-0661. To learn more about the Dual Draft Airflow, please contact Mark Doherty, at [email protected] or 315-534-9278.

About Southern Sky Brands

Southern Sky Brands is a vertically integrated provider of Mississippi-made, plant-based medicine. Founded by native Mississippians, Southern Sky Brands is building a modern, indoor cultivation facility that will utilize cutting-edge vertical grow technologies and will meet FBA regulated Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) certifications. Southern Sky Brands looks forward to setting the standard for medicinal quality while bringing natural medical relief to the patients of Mississippi. For more information, visit

Integrated Hydro Solutions (Dual Draft Integrated Airflow Solutions)

Integrated Hydro Solutions (IHS), the creators of Dual Draft, is a product development company specializing in system improvement for the vertical cannabis industry. IHS has combined the founders’ backgrounds in industrial manufacturing, large-scale commercial agriculture, control systems modeling, as well as mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to design better systems and solutions to the vertical farming, CEA and cannabis space. Dual Draft Integrated Airflow is a patented solution solving the two most pressing issues in Vertical Farming, microclimates and poor drainage. By integrating the airflow system into a fully draining plant tray, Dual Draft is the only solution on the market to offer under-canopy airflow and over-canopy airflow in an elegant, turnkey solution. Please visit for more information.