Spectrum King LED Launches Next Generation of Full-Spectrum Grow Lighting for Cannabis and Indoor Agriculture

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LOS ANGELES — Spectrum King LED, creators of the first-ever full-spectrum LED cannabis grow light, has introduced Phoenix, the newest generation in its world-class line developed with cannabis growers in mind. The Phoenix line sets a new standard for performance and energy efficiency, with a price-to-performance ratio that offers savings averaging nearly 50% per photon above most competitors.

“We are proud that Spectrum King is the world’s first patented full-spectrum LED grow light and since then, we have only increased the pace of innovation for the cannabis industry,” said Rodger Olivares, Chief Operating Officer at Spectrum King LED. “The Phoenix line marries our foundational engineering work with the latest advancements in hardware to create the most dependable, powerful and efficient LED grow lights on the market.”


Engineered and tested for cannabis plant growth, the full Phoenix line includes the Phoenix 340W, Phoenix 680W, Phoenix 840W, Phoenix 1050W and Phoenix Rouge 600W, all boasting industry-leading specs that outpace competing fixtures in:

Performance: Uses an average of 36% less electricity than a standard high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixture

Lifespan: Q-90 rated diodes, built for 62,000 hours of performance (over a decade of standard usage)

Surge Protection: First-of-its-kind dual surge immunity on the driver and LED board that redefines reliability

Spectrums: Spectrum King’s custom light spectrums are tested and tailored for maximizing growth in both vegetative and flowering cycles

True Sunrise / Sunset: Dimmable light intensity down to 10% that enables growers to mimic the sunrise / sunset effect

Durability: Lightweight, IP65 rated frame engineered to handle hot, humid environments

Warranty: Spectrum King’s Phoenix line fixtures are backed by a five-year warranty

“Empowering cannabis growers is at the core of Spectrum King’s ethos. Our cannabis-tested LED systems reduce operating costs for the long haul, without sacrificing durability this industry demands. Growers can focus on their plants, not hardware headaches,” said Olivares.

For more information about Spectrum King LED and the full Phoenix line, visit spectrumkingled.com

About Spectrum King LED

Born in Los Angeles and perfected in Austin by cultivators and engineers driven to solve facility lighting challenges and sustainability, Spectrum King LED is at the forefront of horticultural lighting innovation. The company designed and manufactured the first-ever full-spectrum LED grow light (Patent No. 10238043), and its durable lighting systems are designed to maximize output with a price-to-performance ratio that is best in its class. Spectrum King is dedicated to advancing LED technology, and proves out all of its products at a large-scale commercial horticulture facility in California. Spectrum King is an independent company with deep, active ties to the grower community. Learn more: spectrumkingled.com.

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