STIIIZY “Joint Efforts” Partners With “LA Waterkeepers” for 180-Person LA River Clean-Up

Pictured Above: STIIIZY's Director of Social Impact DeRon Waller (back-center) prepares company volunteers for a day of giving.

Leading California cannabis lifestyle brand and retailer STIIIZY ( is joining forces with the LA Waterkeepers ( on Earth Day in the fight for clean water for all Angelenos, by sponsoring a community clean up in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles along the banks of the Los Angeles River.

Through STIIIZY’s “Joint Efforts”volunteer and give-back program, employee volunteers from the company’s LA headquarter office, manufacturing facility and East Commercial dispensary will assemble in mass on Earth Day, Saturday April 22nd. Combined, more than 180 volunteers from both organizations will participate in a massive clean-up effort to remove plastic waste and other pollutants from the banks and surrounding areas of the LA River.


LA Waterkeepers is an innovative environmental watchdog that has been on the frontlines safeguarding California’s most coveted inland and coastal waters. Since its founding 50 years ago, LA Waterkeepers have implemented a powerful combination of litigation, science, and community action to ensure their efforts have a positive impact. Furthering this mission, the nonprofit prioritizes advocacy of fundamental changes to the way the public manages water, to be smarter, more equitable, and more sustainable.

The results speak for themselves. Through these decades-long efforts, LA County is poised to invest more than $20 billion in water infrastructure over the next two decades. (LA Times)

“STIIIZY prides itself on being an innovative and influential leader in cannabis, so it was only natural for us to partner with an equally innovative environmental watchdog, LA Waterkeepers, for Earth Day. Community matters to each of us, deeply, and in immeasurable ways. By investing in organizations like LA Waterkeeper, we can continue to drive impactful environmental change,” said STIIIZY’s Director of Social Impact DeRon Waller.

“The most socioeconomically vulnerable communities suffer the most from environmental degradation and pollution. That’s why STIIIZY Joint Efforts is enthusiastic to support organizations that prioritize these communities, and to help fight for their rights. Humans and plants alike require safe access to clean water to thrive. We’re thankful we can play a small part in supporting big projects like this,” explained Waller.

This event marks Joint Efforts’ 16th this year. Waller is steadfast in building the largest cannabis operator-led volunteer group in the nation.

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