The Dennis Hopper Estate Launches Lifestyle Cannabis Brand Hopper Reserve

The Dennis Hopper Estate Launches Cannabis Brand Hopper Reserve. (Photo: Brandon Means)

LOS ANGELES – Today, Marin Hopper, daughter of screen legend Dennis Hopper, and the Hopper Art Trust have partnered with creative agency and brand incubator Fiorello to launch Hopper Reserve. Following a soft-launch in 2019, the new lifestyle cannabis brand is officially launching wide with expanded product offerings and established SKU’s, all inspired by the dynamic career and spirit of Dennis Hopper. Hopper Reserve features responsibly sourced flower features sun grown and pesticide free cannabis from Northern California and stays true to Dennis Hopper’s cultural legacy of championing the freedom of creative self-expression. 

Hopper Reserve celebrates Hopper’s unique unbridled spirit. Having spent half a century on the big screen, visionary and Hollywood heavyweight Dennis Hopper embodied many identities while earning his status as an American legend. He was the rabble-rousing rebel—shaking up the film industry while carving out a creative path of his own. He was the defiant creator—exploring and expanding his inventiveness both in film and in the art world. He was the “deeply cool American maharaja”—forming a grand community of outsiders during his bohemian days in Taos, New Mexico. Hopper was an early advocate for the legalization of cannabis and smoked throughout his life.


Hopper was often seen with a cannabis joint in hand while entertaining his famous house guests. His house gatherings often included a who’s who of the cultural zeitgeist at the time – including the likes of Andy Warhol, Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Bo Diddley, Anthony Quin, John Wayne and beat poet Alana Watts.  

Hopper Reserve’s signature cannabis incorporates easy-to-use, take-anywhere premium pre-rolls like the ones Dennis smoked throughout his life. All Hopper Reserve flower is responsibly sourced and features unique strains and blends for best-possible flavor and experience. Varieties include indica, sativa and hybrid, and are grown using organically-grown cultivation techniques. 

In addition to premium cannabis and hemp-based products, Hopper Reserve plans to offer luxury accessories and collectors items. Additionally, the brand will host a digital community hub across and Hopper Reserve social channels. This hub aims to promote an open dialogue around cannabis, incorporating art and conversations with thought leaders to combat existing stigmas.

Inspired by Dennis Hopper’s passion for photography and art, Hopper Reserve’s packaging incorporates archived works taken by the Hollywood icon, in collaboration with the Hopper family and the Hopper Art Trust. Packaging art includes intimate photographs taken by Hopper of his wife Brooke Hayward to a self-portrait of Dennis himself. LA-based pop-artist Alia Penner was hand-picked and commissioned by Marin Hopper to marry the photography with colorful illustrations that bring 1970’s Hollywood back to life in bright 2020 color and movement. The end result is packaging that blends the work of two famed artists working forty years apart. 

Reflecting on the art partnership and on her father, Hopper Reserve Founder Marin Hopper said, “Cannabis was a major part of my father’s creative process and artistic inspiration while working and used as a salve when he was ailing. Now getting to work with Alia Penner on the artwork and to bring such a beautiful and straightforward product to those who also celebrate creativity with cannabis feels so personal to me and such a special way to celebrate my dad.” She continues, “cannabis was something my father used to unwind with and enjoy in a very peaceful, fun-loving way. It was very complementary to his life. Few things are more important to me than paying homage to my father and sharing his legacy.” 

Re-igniting the mission of Dennis Hopper and the Hopper Art Trust to support art and creativity for all, Hopper Reserve has partnered with A Future for Veterans Foundation (FVF). A portion of Hopper Reserve’s proceeds will support the nonprofit’s mission of providing education, resources and housing for veterans, in an effort to curtail veteran suicide. FVF’s programming combines art therapy, cannabis, and conversation to de-stigmatize usage for Veterans.

Commenting on the brand launch and community engagement, Fiorello founder and Hopper Reserve interim-CEO Evan Eneman shares that, “It has been an honor to work with Marin and the team to bring a brand to life that pays homage to her father, a visionary and legend. Hopper Reserve is building an art and community driven platform that offers safe, responsibly sourced products and promotes open and honest discussion around cannabis consumption and creative self-expression. As a reflection on Dennis’ life and relationship with the plant, Hopper Reserve believes in the power of creators and conversation to de-stigmatize cannabis use.  We aspire to accelerate federalized legalization and decriminalization, unlocking the benefits of cannabis for everyone.”  

For more information on Hopper Reserve retail locations, and to join the conversation, please visit website: | Facebook: @HopperReserve | Instagram: @HopperReserve | Twitter @Hopper_Reserve

About Hopper Reserve
Hopper Reserve is a brand inspired by the dynamic life and spirit of and rooted in the cultural legacy of Dennis Hopper and the freedom of creative self-expression.  The brand pays homage to the iconic American actor, filmmaker, photographer, and artist—celebrating his unique unbridled spirit and stoking the fire of his enduring legacy.  The brand will offer responsibly sourced cannabis products, accessories and other community-based programs.  Hopper Reserve is grounded in creativity, collaboration, and craftsmanship. Drawing from exclusive access to the rich family archive, Hopper Reserve embodies a dynamic brand culture that connects Dennis Hopper’s vision and approach to living, creating, and pushing boundaries to today’s contemporaries living and creating in that same vein.  Hopper Reserve believes in the power of creators and conversation to de-stigmatize cannabis use.  We aspire to accelerate federalized legalization and decriminalization, unlocking the benefits of cannabis for everyone.  Hopper Reserve is building an art and community driven platform that sells safe, responsibly sourced products and promotes open, honest discussion around cannabis consumption and creative self-expression. 

About The Hopper Art Trust 
The Hopper Art Trust is committed to the preservation of the articitis career and legacy of the late iconic visionary Dennis Hopper.  Hopper was a renowned actor/director and artist who experimented in all mediums including photography, video and film, painting, performance, and sculpture.  HAT is responsible for maintaining and operating a functional archive that serves as a resource for multi-faceted engagements in the public realm.  HAT also facilitates dynamic collaborations with international curators, museums, galleries, and publications whose mission it is to highlight and emphasize Hopper’s work as not only aesthetic objects of value but also historical artifacts that chronicle the past half-century of American history in art and film.
The Hopper Art Trust was established by the Dennis Hopper Estate in 2010 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

About Fiorello and Sands Lane
Fiorello is a creative agency that helps to build and accelerate purposeful brands that positively influence how the world engages with cannabis and other emerging markets. We are a team of leading minds from the worlds of entertainment, hospitality, media, technology and cannabis. Our diversity, relevance and authenticity are at the core of who we are.  Fiorello is part of the Sands Lane ecosystem of companies which is a strategic services and investment management platform embedded within a diverse, value accretive and supportive cannabis and hemp centric ecosystem. We are focused on incubating, investing in and taking a hands-on approach with early stage consumer brands, activating opportunities through a unique and comprehensive lens, de-risking their business models and adding long term value through our ecosystem.