Wyld Announces National Launch of Cannabis-Infused Sour Gummies

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CLACKAMAS, Ore. — Wyld, the best-selling cannabis edibles brand in the U.S., today introduced Wyld Sours, the brand’s first offering within the sour gummy subcategory. Wyld’s latest product line is now available in seven states, including Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Washington.

Formulated with the same real fruit ingredients and natural flavors as Wyld’s existing product portfolio, Wyld Sours also includes a proprietary blend of food-grade botanical terpenes to maximize the effects of each product’s cannabinoid profile. Wyld Sours are currently available in two flavors, including a sativa-enhanced Sour Apple and indica-enhanced Sour Cherry. The brand’s newest additions also feature new color-coded packaging designed to educate consumers on terpene effects and ensure consistent and repeatable cannabis experiences.


Additionally, Wyld Sours marks the brand’s first product launch as a Climate Neutral Certified company. As the only cannabis company with this certification, Wyld has met the nonprofit’s climate neutrality standards for measuring, offsetting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing high-quality carbon credits and matching 100% of its purchased electricity with renewable energy certificates.

“Wyld’s mission is to create high-quality edibles that resonate with the distinct preferences of our loyal consumer community, and we are proud to finally launch our sours collection after continued customer demand,” said Aaron Morris, CEO of Wyld. “Considering how sour gummies accounted for over 15% of gummy sales last year, our team is especially proud to enter one of the fastest-growing cannabis subcategories and reinforce our position as a leading and forward-thinking edibles brand.”

Wyld Sours is Wyld’s first product launch since 2021, when the brand introduced its best-selling Pear THC:CBG gummies. Wyld’s product line now includes 10 flavors including Raspberry, Huckleberry, Marionberry, Pomegranate, Peach, Strawberry and Elderberry.

For more information on Wyld Sours and product availability, please visit www.wyldcanna.com/.

About Wyld

Founded in 2016 by Aaron Morris, Chris Joseph, and René Kaza, Wyld is the best-selling cannabis edibles brand in the U.S., creating products infused with real fruit ingredients, natural flavors, and botanical terpenes. Wyld has built a reputation for producing high-quality gummy edibles in a variety of potencies, cannabinoid profiles and flavors to suit a wide range of consumer preferences. For more information, please visit https://wyldcanna.com/.

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