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Concentrates enjoy the highest level of popularity in the most established markets, but not all methods of extraction have the same level of attraction—something brands should note as they look toward the future in emerging markets. Solventless rosin, a concentrate category perceived by many consumers as a cleaner option, has shown particularly promising increases in demand with exceptional profitability. In 2021, the percentage of concentrate sales in the United States increased from 22–24 percent of overall cannabis sales, and market patterns portend its continued growth in popularity. Aptly designed technology like Triminator’s solventless rosin press enables fast, high-volume extraction without the use of any additional chemical compounds.

The U.S. states with the largest market share of concentrate sales are those with the most mature adult-use markets: Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. Washington and Colorado legalized recreational cannabis in 2012, with Oregon following in 2014. Savvy businesses looking toward the future in emerging markets should take note of the consumer preferences in the most mature states, especially with 60 percent of consumers reporting THC percentage as the most important consideration when buying cannabis.


Producing solventless rosin is hardly a new process, but its popularity in the legal market is on the rise. The demand for concentrates produced without chemicals continues to grow among health-conscious consumers and cannabis connoisseurs. While concentrates of all types are selling well, live rosin is a distinctly popular and profitable category. According to BDSA, demand for solventless extract increased 132 percent each month from June 2021 to June 2022. And over the past year, internet searches for “live rosin” increased 39 percent to more than 15,000 per month. Investing in a solventless rosin press now can help cannabis companies meet demand as the popularity of rosin grows alongside consumer preferences for higher-potency products in all markets.

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The Triminator TRP Stack Solventless Commercial Rosin Press allows manufacturers to produce valuable rosin from virtually any starting material, whether it’s dry sift, bubble hash, flower, or sifted trim. Using high pressure and low temperatures, the machine helps manufacturers create more potent rosin with higher terpene retention than more rudimentary machines and hand presses. In fact, solventless concentrates produced by the TRP Stack have earned multiple awards at The Emerald Cup over the past three years.

Attention to detail, functionality, and versatility are key to a high-quality solventless extraction system. Commercial rosin presses have been around for almost a decade, and engineers have worked hard over the years to refine the technology. The engineers who designed the Triminator TRP Stack developed a rosin press with patented technology to increase pressing area, decrease heat production, and strengthen press functions.

“The Triminator TRP Stack is the only Rosin Press on the market that has drip technology, allowing the press to invert for seamless use. Our large platens (6’X10”) allow a user to press up to a half-pound of flower at a time or up to one pound of kief at a time”, said Jeremy Muxlow, channel sales manager at Triminator.

Solventless extraction may be a relatively simple process, but each component of a high-quality extraction machine is designed for longevity, adaptability, and ease of use in a commercial setting. The Triminator TRP Stack operates with three food-grade aluminum platens, individual temperature control, a hydraulic cylinder, and patented drip technology for high-capacity directional flow.


Each element of the machine is designed to meet the unique needs of commercial solventless extraction. The aluminum platens are double-stacked for increased speed and versatile capacity. The individual proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) temperature controls allow users to precisely dial in the temperature range for repeatable results. The hydraulic cylinder has been tested hundreds of times to guarantee the machine can withstand 25 tons of pressure for years of reliable use.

“Enjoy pressing your product with 25 tons of force while reaping the benefits of having three individually heated platens to work from,” said Muxlow. The Easy Pivot drip technology moves rosin out of the bag, away from the platens, and onto the cool surface below.

The best cannabis manufacturing technology is easily scalable for different processing loads. In addition to its large double-stacked platens, the Triminator TRP Stack has varied pump options to accommodate different facilities and workflows. As demand and capacity grow, businesses operating the TRP Stack can change their pump to accommodate increased production rates. The hand pump provides a simple feedback loop for the operator, which can be useful for craft producers and commercial operations that experiment with multiple cultivars to find the best consistencies. Conversely, the air-hydraulic foot pump is designed for production environments running multiple presses concurrently. The Triminator TRP Stack is also compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices and constructed with food-safe and easy-to-clean anodized surfaces.

The simultaneous increase in demand for concentrates and improvement in commercial extraction technology has cultivated a highly profitable environment for business. Since 2014, concentrates have increased from 10 percent to approximately 25 percent of legal market sales. Demand for the product is clear, and extraction methods are more refined and effective than ever before. Reliable extraction technology will continue to increase in worth, and machines like the Triminator TRP Stack can support business expansion, experimentation, and innovation.

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