If You’re Not Doing These 4 Things, You’re Losing Female Consumers

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Toastyy founder and CEO Jamie Lea (Photo: Toastyy)

As CBD and cannabis use becomes more normalized in society, evidence suggests stigmas have not completely diminished, especially for female consumers and people of color.

According to Jamie Lea, founder and chief executive officer at women-focused brand Toastyy, “Hemp and cannabis use get a bad rap, especially for female users. It’s as though if you use it, then you’re doing something ‘bad’ and you’re not sexy or cool.”


And yet, despite existing stigmas, studies show the majority of CBD users are now women — and the number is growing.

If the future of CBD is female, why do so many brands routinely ignore this skyrocketing segment in their marketing efforts? 

“I’m part of a special group of female cannabis and CBD CEOs working to make cannabis and CBD inclusive and inviting for women, but we shouldn’t be the only ones serving this growing segment,” Lea said. “Many companies don’t realize the needs of their growing female customer base aren’t currently being met in the cannabis and CBD market, and they’re missing a huge opportunity.”

There are ways companies can intentionally work toward eliminating stereotypes and stigmas and to build stronger brand loyalty among a growing female customer base. Lea shared some strategies that have worked for Toastyy.

Tell authentic stories

Reshape the narrative that CBD is some sort of vice or crutch for women to consume discreetly by highlighting unique stories illustrating how women have incorporated cannabis and CBD into their health and self-care routines, helping them embrace a more health-focused, authentic life.

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(Photo: Toastyy)

When customers read real-life examples about how products calmed a female CEO’s nerves before a big presentation at work or helped a new mom sleep better so she could wake up more refreshed for her children, it’s easier to envision how such products could help contribute to mental and physical wellness.

Consider demonstrating to customers how your products can add value to their lives by featuring women-centric customer stories across blogs and social content.

Showcase diversity

Stigmas often accompany preconceived notions about who uses cannabis or CBD. That’s why it’s crucial to depict a diverse array of ages, genders, and ethnicities that are unabashedly using cannabis and CBD products to improve their mental and physical wellness. Images incorporating diversity can tear away at preconceived notions and stereotypes and plant the seed that cannabis and CBD use could benefit anybody, including women.

When customers feel included and represented, they’re more likely to keep returning to your store shelves, so ensure your brand photos and customer testimonials highlight cannabis and CBD users from all walks of life.

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(Photo: Toastyy)

Embrace science

Don’t depend solely on flowery girl-boss language and pretty, feminine photos to target female consumers. To build a loyal customer base, it’s important to lean into the scientific facts behind products in order to legitimize the buying experience.

Your goal should be not only to build an emotional connection with consumers, but also to ensure customers are as informed and educated as they can possibly be at the checkout. Make sure they understand exactly how science illustrates cannabis and CBD can alleviate issues.

Consider publishing third-party lab results, ingredients lists, and an open, honest FAQ section on your website to build trust with customers.

Emphasize individualized customer service

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(Photo: Toastyy)

Above all else, earning customer loyalty isn’t possible without rockstar, attentive customer service representatives to help guide consumers through the buying process. Many novice cannabis and CBD users don’t know where to start when deciding what product might be best for their needs, so build connections from the ground floor by deploying a warm, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service team to help answer questions and alleviate any concerns.

Your customer service reps should not only provide tailored product advice based on customers’ individual needs but also serve as evangelists for your brand by touting all the benefits your products have to offer for living a healthy, authentic life.

Empowering Women

CBD beauty products company Toastyy strives to empower and motivate women to be their best selves. Me. The female-focused brand is all about relaxation, confidence, and embracing the goddess within. The company believes in guiding women toward their most authentic self and guarantees to always promote a welcoming and encouraging environment. Toastyy supports organizations that work to reform the criminal justice system and drug policies. For more information, visit GettingToastyy.com.

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