Norman Reedus Takes a Break From Slaying Zombies to Help Children in Need

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shutterstock 378168787

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus has partnered with Cannakids to raise money for sick children in need of cannabis oil.

While cannabis has been receiving attention as a safer alternative to alcohol and other recreational drugs, its greatest impact is in its ability to heal. Norman Reedus is helping to highlight the need for safe access by publicly supporting a recent campaign by CannaKids.

Cannakids is raising money on behalf of families with sick children that cannot afford cannabis oil. Reedus tweeted out his support for the cause on Monday and encouraged others to support the initiative. With 3.34 million followers, Reedus may be able to push Cannakids beyond their goal of raising $15,000. (Today is Day 4, and the campaign has already surpassed $11K!)


For every five dollar donation, participants will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win one of ten items signed by Reedus. The drive started on January 2 and will run through January 11. Reedus will announce the winners on his Facebook page.

CannaKids was formed by Tracy Ryan after her daughter Sophie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After discovering that cannabis was effective at combatting Sophie’s tumor, Ryan decided to start CannaKids and Saving Sophie.

Click here to donate to the campaign.

For more on the incredibly inspirational Tracy Ryan and CannaKids, read our in-depth profile or check out:
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