Arizona’s The Flower Shop Exudes Upscale Elegance

The Flower Shop in Ahwatukee, Arizona, reflects the surrounding community’s affluence and caters especially to women.

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When Arizona voted to legalize adult use in 2020 after a decade as a robust and successful medical state, it unleashed one of the most exciting markets in the country. The market has united major multistate operators and smart local entrepreneurs to the tune of $1.6 billion in sales in its first year.

Of all the strong retailers in the Grand Canyon State, The Flower Shop stands out as unique. As one of the most artfully designed dispensaries in Arizona, the store combines thoughtful architecture, elegant furnishings, and a curated product selection to bring a luxury experience to the affluent Phoenix suburb of Ahwatukee.


The holding company that owns the store, TFS Brands, operates five dispensaries and four cultivation sites across Arizona and Utah. TFS has developed a reputation for having some of the state’s finest flower, grown in a 100,000 square-foot canopy dubbed The Flower Mine in the former copper-mining town of San Manuel near Tucson.

TFS purchased the Sky Dispensary chain in 2017 and rebranded as The Flower Shop two years later with the goal of reflecting a renewed, elevated vision. Renovation of the Ahwatukee location was completed in April 2022, with company president Greta Brandt, a licensed corporate attorney, working closely with the architect and designer to create a warm, inviting dispensary environment.

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“A lot of cannabis retail experiences were off-putting to women and older generations due to the old smoke-shop culture and stereotypes,” Brandt said. “I wanted to reimagine cannabis retail in a more sophisticated manner that reflects the modern cannabis consumer.”

The distinguished store embodies an artful balance of marble, hardwood, gold, and abundant plant life, giving the impression of a verdant, tranquil spa and shattering any lingering assumptions that dispensaries must be pungent, dingy pot shops.

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“We wanted to create a light, open, and airy floor plan and concept that would feel safe and approachable, highlighting the products in a way that showcases the quality and diversity of our offerings and brings our brand ethos to life in a memorable way,” Brandt explained.

The Flower Shop uses delicate lighting and natural elements like wood and metal to create a refined, relaxing shopping experience that appeals to the discerning community it serves. Brandt played an active role in the store’s creative direction, borrowing elements from the company’s corporate office, which she also helped design.

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“I love interior design,” she said. “It gives me a chance to tap into my creative side.”

One of the store’s more immediately striking features is a large living wall brimming with lush greenery and boasting the company’s logo in a rich, sophisticated typeface. “Being The Flower Shop, we knew we needed this sign to be green and natural, with lots of greenery accompanied by a clean-cut, whitish marble,” Brandt said. “This drives home that the cannabis retail shopping experience is akin to a spa.”

Products are displayed on shelves around the perimeter of the room, arranged into categories—cartridges, flower, edibles, beverages—each lit brilliantly and stacked artistically to convey a classy, natural vibe. Brands like Stiiizy, Select, Cresco, Sublime, and Jeeter are on show, while jars of the store’s eponymous flower brand are arranged into little pyramids.

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Brandt said The Flower Shop has stringent requirements for brands to get on the shelves and emphasized in-depth training for budtenders (dubbed “wellness experts”) so they can advise customers, particularly women, about the right products for individual needs.

“We view cannabis as a part of one’s overall wellness journey, and we do our best to meet [customers] where they are, whether they’re medical patients, heavy consumers, or canna-curious newbies,” said Brandt. “Historically, women have been pass-through consumers, subject to whatever their friends and partners purchase for them. As a woman-led brand, we’re invested in welcoming and nurturing women who want to incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle in a way that truly serves them.”

She was quick to point out her team never upsells or pushes deals that don’t meet the needs of their guests, however. “We’re focused on cultivating trust and long-term relationships, offering value through our loyalty program and the quality of the experience,” she said.

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Another arresting feature of the store is the grand marble and hardwood islands that stretch from floor to industrial ceiling, brimming with potted foliage as well as a curated selection of infused products, dab rigs, and bongs.

Like most design-minded dispensary operators, Brandt and The Flower Shop had to figure out how to light the store adequately while avoiding glare from glass display cases and shelving. The team pulled off the feat by using overhead lighting with striking pendants to provide depth from eye level to ceiling—all without sacrificing clarity in the shopping experience. “This allows people to focus, look up, and really take in not just the product but its packaging, as well,” she explained.

The-Flower-Shop-Ahwatukee DSC06976 At present, around 15 percent of the store’s sales are online orders, though The Flower Shop is in the process of upgrading its website with a goal of creating an online shopping experience that compares to the high-touch and engaged in-store experience.

“Next year we’ll have two drive-throughs at our dispensaries, which we estimate will support an additional 7-10 percent of online orders,” said Brandt. “That said, customers have really taken to our in-store experience. They like coming in and connecting with our staff, who know their favorite products, make recommendations, and give advice based on their unique needs.”

The-Flower-Shop-Ahwatukee TFS-Ahwatukee-173-1 Despite the headwinds working against the industry on a national level at the moment, the future looks bright for TFS. The company will launch a pair of new brands in February: LadyLike and High Variety. TFS also plans to continue expanding in its Arizona and Utah strongholds and expects to expand to the East Coast with a major focus on cultivation.

By bringing its vision to both newly legal markets and wealthier, influential neighborhoods like Ahwatukee, The Flower Shop cements its place as an emerging force in the competitive, fast-evolving world of cannabis retail.

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