The 10 Hottest Cannabis-Infused Beverages Today

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In today’s maturing market, cannabis consumers ingest the plant in an overwhelming number of ways, and fast-acting cannabis-infused beverages are an increasingly popular category that retailers should keep a close eye on in 2022 and beyond.

Following cannabis market demand trends in Canada, the U.S. has watched its beverage market share grow from 0.9 percent in January 2020 to 1.1 percent in January 2022. This trend is especially notable in California, where 530 distinct cannabis beverage offerings from numerous cannabis companies are available to consumers, according to Headset. Even some of the biggest names in Big Alcohol including Fortune 500 companies like Constellation Brands are investing heavily in the segment. With the emergence of nano-emulsification to provide faster onset than traditional edibles, the beverage market is poised to see some serious growth.


As many cannabis industry trends start in California and work their way throughout the U.S., retailers are starting to prepare for the increased demand—and there are plenty of cannabis drinks to serve a wide variety of cannabis customers across numerous state lines.

10 Cannabis Beverage Companies to Watch

Many North American consumers are trading in their White Claws for cannabis-infused drinks and seltzers. With all of the buzz, none of the painful hangover, and a variety of sophisticated ready-to-drink options like grapefruit rosemary or mango lemonade, cannabis beverages and infused seltzers are definitely on the rise for cannabis and alcohol consumers alike. From California to Maine, and every legal region in between, here are some of the hottest cannabis beverage brands on the market today.



THC and CBD-infused cannabis beverages have a major advantage over other forms of edibles, offering onset times closer to 15 minutes than the hour-and-a-half consumers are used to with most edibles that don’t utilize water-soluble active ingredients.

Quicksilver Scientific has partnered with Veryvell—a Molson Coors brand—to provide non-alcoholic, adaptogenic, hemp-derived CBD sparkling waters and unflavored beverage drops throughout sixteen states in unique flavors like Grapefruit Tarragon.

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Select Squeeze

There are several beverage categories within the cannabis space, and Select Squeeze is one of the most popular cannabis-infused beverage enhancers on the market. 

With the perfect dose of 5mg of THC every time, consumers will experience effects within 15 minutes. These enhancers are available for purchase in AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, ME, MD, MA, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, OR, NY, NJ, UT, and VT.

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Good Stuff

Looking to stock your shelves with a THC or high-CBD beverage that feels as sophisticated as it is delicious? Available in California, Good Stuff offers finely-crafted, richly-flavored cannabis beverages and social tonics. 

The brand carries a variety of refreshing cannabis-infused lemonades in hybrid, sativa, indica, and a high-CBD 1:1 hybrid with 100mg per bottle. 

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Rhythm sparking hemp beverages are an ideal choice for consumers looking for federally legal CBD drinks that contain no THC. If your demographic is somewhat new to cannabis and curious about trying new consumption methods, this is a must-have product line at your location. 

The seltzer brand just went through a dramatic rebrand, now boasting 25mg of nano-emulsified, broad-spectrum hemp extract per 12oz can, representing a 66 percent increase from the previous formulas.

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Cannabis drink brand Klaus brings THC-infused beverages from famed master-mixologist Warren Bobrow to the cannabis industry.

The brand offers three different flavors, each with a different ratio of CBD:THC, to consumers throughout California. Each drink delivers an explosion of taste, including ginger, lime, rice vinegar, and, of course, cannabis.

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Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits is a multi-generational, family-owned distributor of alcoholic wines, spirits, beer, CBD, and non-alcoholic products—and one of the latest beverage industry brands to add cannabis products to their list of offerings. 

The brand recently announced a new agreement to distribute women-owned B GREAT CBD cannabis beverage shots and immunity gummies across its U.S. retail system. 

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To boost cannabis sales and expand into the beverage sector, AUDACIOUS recently acquired Loos, a cannabinoid-infused shot beverage company based in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Loos uses nano-emulsified THC for rapid absorption, recycled glass bottles for better sustainability, and nutraceuticals to imrpove beverage functionality. Their sativa, indica, and hybrid blends contain 100 mg THC in every 2oz shot, less than 3g of sugar, and a variety of terpenes.

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Also available in California are MXXN’s cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic spirits in sophisticated flavors like Jalisco Agave, London Dry, and Kentucky Oak. Each 750ml bottle contains 100mg of THC or 6mg per 1.5oz shot.

The brand aims to redefine cocktail culture with cannabis, offering one-to-one spirit replacements crafted for the ideal cannabis cocktail. 

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Wyld CBD seltzers are available throughout the nation in raspberry, blood orange, lemon, and blackberry. Each THC-free can made with real fruit contains 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, 10 calories, and 2g of sugar or less.

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THC Living

THC Living has a variety of cannabis-infused lemonades, iced teas, and drink mix packs that are popular with high-THC consumers in California and Arizona. Their water-soluble formulation means that THC can be absorbed by the body within minutes, making them attractive to consumers who typically enjoy flower over edibles.

Each sugar-free bottle contains 100mg of THC, so consumers can pace themselves or share a bottle with some friends.

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  2. […] Cannabis-infused beverages are at the top of the market’s food chain right now, and Autumn Brands’ new Elixirs offer microdoses and megadoses for consumers looking to infuse their own beverages. The brand is popular with consumers who pursue the plant for overall wellness rather than recreation or a specific ailment, with product options for both low-THC/high-CBD and high-THC dosages. […]