Fall 2023 Buyers’ Guide

Dispensary Buyers Guide Fall 2023

The cannabis industry is in the midst of a generational changing of the guard, and with that comes a more diverse consumer demographic, new preferences for “go-to” products, and added pressure on brands to speak to a younger audience that prioritizes social responsibility.

As brands continue to compete against one another for a prime spot at the top of the food chain, they’re looking to Gen Z for clues. The age cohort—born between 1996 and the early 2010s—is second in consumer numbers only to millennials, and about half of them have yet to reach the age of legal majority. Within the next ten years, zoomers will dominate retail, and the way they shop is redirecting how many industries present themselves.


Software company KayaPush reported a major product-preference shift in the past two years that reflects younger generations’ retail habits. While flower and concentrates dominated the sales charts in 2021, 2022 and 2023 have seen vape sales rise by 5 percent, edibles and beverages by 10 percent, and pre-rolls by a whopping 12 percent. Within this context, it’s not hard to imagine why traditionally popular brands like PAX and Jetty Extracts recently launched their first-ever gummies, or why BRĒZ was able to roll out an infused tonic without anyone batting an eye.

It also explains why brands like Baked Bros and Lab 11 are dedicated to using product proceeds to give back to their communities—or at least why they’re beginning to be more vocal about these efforts. Young consumers are the future of the industry, and they’re also much more likely to trust brands that are small, local, and determined to make a positive impact on the community and the world. Couple a genuine do-good attitude with high-quality products, and you’ve got a winning modern brand.

Another trend companies are paying attention to is the rise of female consumers and the different ways they enjoy engaging with the plant. Headset reported although the market remains male-dominated, women account for more than 45 percent of sales that fall into the “wellness” category: tinctures and sublinguals, topicals, capsules, and edibles. And since men largely still prefer to consume by smoking flower, it’s safe to say the past year’s shift in product popularity reflects growing consumer diversity and the increase of female-focused brands in the space. From Ladylike and Lavinia to Edie Parker and Papers + Ink, more brands are extending a hand to welcome women, offering products that bring a refreshing alternative to the stodgy “stoner bro” aesthetic with which we’ve been forced to reckon for the past few decades.

mg Magazine’s Fall 2023 Buyers’ Guide features some of the best new products across all categories, highlighting what brands are doing right and explaining why consumers will look for their names on your shelves. Whether you want to reach a new audience, expand your offerings, or explore what’s hip and hot in 2023, we’ve got you covered.

1988 Infused Pre-Roll Blunts

4Front offers a simplified solution to time-strapped blunt smokers with its pre-roll filterless blunts. Consumers can free up their schedule by pulling out a pack of one-gram, ready-rolled smokes they purchased at four for $80. Available in a variety of strains, including Fuzzy Peach, Juicy Mango, Candy Clouds, and Lemon Squeeze.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Massachusetts

Autumn Brands Elixirs 1M8A3935
Autumn Brands

Autumn Brands Elixirs

Cannabis-infused beverages are at the top of the market’s food chain right now, and Autumn Brands’ new Elixirs offer microdoses and megadoses for consumers looking to infuse their own beverages. The brand is popular with consumers who pursue the plant for overall wellness rather than recreation or a specific ailment, with product options for both low-THC/high-CBD and high-THC dosages.

Wholesale: (805) 404-1303; California

BRĒZ Next-Gen Social Tonic

BRĒZ combines two previously stigmatized substances in one product: a refreshing tonic infused with hemp-derived THC and mushrooms. Vegan, non-GMO, and “subtle enough for Mom to try,” the tonics cater to trends while introducing consumers to lion’s mane, a natural alternative to caffeine.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia

Dab Rite The Original and PRO

This one’s for dedicated concentrate connoisseurs. Dab Rite offers tons of vibrant smoking accessories that range from $3 to $6,000, but the brand’s prized products are the two patented digital infrared thermometers designed for dabbers: The Original and the PRO. Navigation of the machines’ features is effortless, rendering them respectable for veteran dabbers and non-intimidating for newbies.

Wholesale: wholesale.DabRite.com; Nationwide

Bounti Vapes GCbatt

Bounti Vapes

Sunderstorm recently acquired Bounti Vapes, one of the top-selling brands in Nevada. A boutique craft brand, Bounti has a loyal fan base of community members who gravitate toward artisanal products that are brought to them by local businesses. For retailers who like to highlight craft operators, Bounti Vapes make for a great sales-floor addition.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Nevada

Eyce Glacier

Eyce’s new Glacier is great for consumers who love to smoke but don’t love the harsh effects pipes can have on their throat and lungs, as well as OG ice-bong smokers who are tired of constantly filling their ice trays. The Eyce Glacier uses frozen water to cool the smoke, resulting in smooth, clean hits. It’s also backed by the brand’s lifetime warranty.

Wholesale: wholesale.Greenlane.com; Nationwide

Cloudious9 MLY9 MG 7990

Cloudious9 M.L.T.9

The mobile lap tray (M.L.T.) from Cloudious9 combines convenience and elegance for joint-lovers on the go. For many consumers, rolling a joint by hand amplifies the smoking experience, and the M.L.T.9 brings ease to the tradition. With raised edges and an easy-to-clean surface, the tray is foldable, portable, and discreet enough to store anywhere.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Nationwide

Baked Bros

Baked Bros is back. After laying low following what the company called “insurmountable obstacles,” the brand has returned with new products that speak to consumers who are passionate about social responsibility. Each purchase of Baked Bros’ handmade gummies and THC syrups gives back to nonprofit organizations like the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and the Sleep Research Society.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Arizona

Dip Devices

Dip Devices Dab Straws

Dip Devices’ line of products ranges from simple and budget-friendly gadgets to higher-ticket items and bundles. A brand-new consumer might opt for the Little Dipper, which is small, portable, and only $29.99, while a more experienced dabber might be drawn to the $99.99 Dipper: a two-in-one pen and straw that packs full dab hits and powerful battery life.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Thirty-seven U.S. states and two Canadian provinces

Gelato Lolli’s

Gelato’s Lolli’s pre-rolls are diamond-infused and dipped and dusted in kief. For consumers who aren’t afraid to take a hit that hits back, Lolli’s are available in half- and one-gram packs of five. Depending on consumer preference, the pre-roll packs feature a variety of sativa and indica strains.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (858) 449-2649; California, Michigan

High Tide Beverages

Cannabis Beverage Co.’s High Tide products lean right into the growing demand for infused beverages, providing consumers with an option that is cannabinoid-balanced. If you’re looking for a quick-grab option to put in a refrigerator by the register, these drinks will work. For just $5, your consumers can purchase a refreshing can of 10mg or 3mg 1:1:1 CBD:CBC:THC.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Arizona


This brand-new brand brings sleek, discreet products designed especially for Gen Z and millennial women. With a pink-packaged variety of vapes, pods, peppermints, and gummies, Ladylike’s products feature mild doses at reasonable prices—nothing over $40. They’re perfect for on-the-go and budget-conscious consumers who support businesses built by and for women.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Arizona

OCB Brown Rice Lifestyle

OCB Brown Rice Cones

OCB’s Brown Rice Cones are free of genetically modified organisms and ethically sourced from France’s Camargue River delta—ideal for consumers who insist on sustainable products. Merchandise this affordable product with your flower and on the check-out counter as a health-conscious impulse buy that’s better for consumers and the planet.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (800) 288-8888; Nationwide


This budding brand attracts consumers who like celebrity-backed products—in this case, retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. Smilz products are hemp-derived, including gummies, soft gels, oils, capsules, tinctures, topicals, coffees, and delta-8 and delta-9. Mayweather promotes his brand as “cannabinoids for mindfulness” and self-care.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Nationwide

Huxleys Group
Huxleys Group

Huxleys Capsules

Huxleys is a new brand that promises products that have “grown up” as much as consumers have. In other words, they speak to those whose bong-ripping days are far in the past. The brand’s capsules, which feature THC blended with a variety of minor cannabinoids like THCV, CBG, and CBN, provide effects ranging from deeper sleep to higher energy levels.

Wholesale: [email protected]; California

Dizzies Group

Dizzies 10-Pack Pre-Rolls

Flower brand Dizzies is vibrant, aesthetically pleasing, and … well, fun. The brand’s 0.4g pre-rolls are extra tall, boldly flavored, and average 35 percent THC per joint, which means they’re perfect for consumers who are seeking potent but affordable—and easily portable—products. With bright, candy-colored packaging and a reasonable retail price of $29.90, pop these ten-packs by the register to entice impulse buyers.

Wholesale: [email protected]; California

Bombatta Flower

Bay Area-based Bombatta is devoted to propping up the industry’s legacy, offering nothing but high-THC flower to consumers who love old-school, indica-dominant strains. The brand’s strains include Nerve Gas, Sake Bomb, Kosmic Kush, and the eponymous Bombatta. Market to both legacy consumers and zoomers who respect the industry’s roots.

Wholesale: (949) 381-9568; California

PAX Live Rosin Gummies

PAX recently launched its first gummies, a line of live-rosin goodies that appeal to brand loyalists and edibles devotees alike. Offering PAX Live Rosin Gummies to your consumers provides the opportunity to introduce vapers to some full-spectrum sweet treats, and health-conscious edibles fans will appreciate the real-fruit ingredients with zero solvents or artificial flavors or colors.

Wholesale: [email protected]; California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York

Mary Jones Infused Syrups

Jones Soda Co.’s Mary Jones infused syrups are perfect for consumers who like to make their own edibles without having to go through the lengthy decarboxylation process. Consumers can start straight from the infusion step, mixing the syrups into their favorite cocktail, drizzling over desserts or pancakes, or sipping straight from the bottle.

Wholesale: [email protected]; California, Michigan, Washington

Elevated Seltzers
Maison Bloom

Maison Bloom Elevated Seltzers

Maison Bloom’s seltzers are infused with 3mg THC and 7mg CBD: “the perfect ten.” With flavors like strawberry provençal and lemongrass, pêche and wild honeysuckle, and watermelon and pink peppercorn, the brand is devoted to pleasing sophisticated palates. The seltzers appeal to consumers who love craft beverages but avoid alcohol.

Wholesale: [email protected]; California

High Rise Seltzers

Crafted with North Carolina spring water and fresh fruit juice, High Rise seltzers are infused with hemp-derived CBD, delta-8 THC, or delta-9 THC. The company emphasizes the plant’s health benefits, and these seltzers provide a low-risk introduction for consumers who might be hesitant to board the alcohol-free social beverages train.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Nationwide

Papers + Ink Papers

Raved about by the likes of Vogue, Playboy, and Goop, women-owned Papers + Ink creates beautiful rolling papers for the sophisticated consumer. From floral and animal prints to tie-dye and ombre, these bespoke papers beg to be photographed and shared on social media. For influencers and stylish consumers alike, Papers + Ink’s line includes kits, bundles, and gift sets.

Wholesale: PapersAndInk.com/pages/wholesale-inquiry-form; Nationwide

cloudious 9

Cloudious9 Vortex9 Hash-Making Kit

Cloudious9’s Vortex9 introduces extraction to the home. Instead of losing customers to at-home extraction, keep them loyal to your location by offering the best of both worlds: an at-home ice-water kit displayed alongside your top retail hits. The opportunities for education and upsells are endless.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Nationwide


Tyson 2.0 x G Pen Dash

G Pen’s collaboration with Mike Tyson’s Tyson 2.0 has resulted in a powerhouse dried-herb vaporizer that’s lightweight; convenient to load, clean, and maintain; and affordable at $79.95. Consumers will admire the quality of a product that has earned Iron Mike’s seal of approval.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Nationwide

Jetty Extracts Solventless

Jetty Extracts is a consumer favorite in the solventless concentrates space, and the brand just dropped its latest product: solventless live-rosin gummies. Each flavor is designed to create a different effect (energizing, relaxing, or counting sheep), and the packaging is sustainable and recyclable. Gummy fans who support socially responsible brands will approve.

Wholesale: [email protected]; [email protected]; California

Flower by edie parker
Edie Parker

Flower by Edie Parker

Crush Cones, from one of the first women’s lifestyle brands to venture into the space, bring an air of sophistication to fashion-forward consumers. Gone are the days of “stoner bro” supremacy. Edie Parker’s cones come in five fruity flavors and are $8 for a three-pack of 100-percent-rice papers.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Nationwide

JAMS Brand

Jams Edibles

Despite what the name might suggest, Curaleaf’s Jams aren’t just infused mashed fruit. The line includes 5mg and 10mg regular-onset and fast-acting jellies, microdosable 2.5mg tarts, and chocolate bars with 5mg THC per piece. Consumers can make their selection based on the effects they desire. The low-dose goodies make an ideal impulse buy.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Nevada

Hemper Vapor Station

For experienced and brand-new dabbers alike, the Hemper Vapor Station brings simplification to an experience that can seem intimidating. With a multi-purpose stand, vapor straw, and heat-resistant silicone sleeve, this tool is safe and intuitive to use—an introductory and budget-friendly product option for someone new to dabbing.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Nationwide

Lavinia oh.hi

Founded by a former nun who rededicated her life to the pursuit of better orgasms, Lavinia marries two of society’s biggest taboos—sex and cannabis—with one toe-tickling product. Infused with THC and CBD, oh.hi lubricant is designed to increase blood flow. This one’s for consumers seeking an intimate topical.

Wholesale: [email protected]; California

Peach Oblivion - Blue Label - Live Rosin Jam - Product and Packaging - 4 - Green Dot Labs
Green Dot Labs

Blue Label Extracts

Green Dot Labs launched two Blue Label extracts designed for the connoisseur. Featuring low-and-slow production processes for optimal effects, the menu includes Live Rosin Jam in A5 Wagyu (Downshift x Candy Cake) and Peach Oblivion (Rambutan #2 x Candy Cake) as well as Cold Cure Live Rosin in Sour Animal (Sour Diesel x Animal Cookies BX2) and Blü Frōōt (Sex on the Beach x Black and Blue).

Wholesale: [email protected]; Colorado

Neigborgoods Family



Neighborgoods’ menu includes locally grown flower, popcorn, and shake; pre-rolls; premium live concentrates; and live-resin vape cartridges. The brand’s products are clean, simple, and affordable, with eighths that sit between $22 and $35—a great introductory product for newer consumers who are hesitant to spend a chunk of change.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (617) 953-0631; Massachusetts 

matter Fusion-ILCampaignLaunch23 1024x1024 productIMG

matter.Fusion Dissolvable Powder

PharmaCann’s matter.Fusion dissolvable powder is a flavorless 10mg THC powder packet that empowers consumers to infuse their own foods or beverages. If your clientele likes to ingest on their own terms but loathes the lengthy process of at-home decarb, pop these packets by your other edibles for a creative, low-maintenance alternative.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Illinois

Native Roots Spectra Infused Blunt

Spectra Plant Power 9 Flo Infused Blunt

Spectra’s full-spectrum Plant Power 9 Flo infused blunts are free of additives and artificial ingredients. With one gram of flower, kief, and live resin, each blunt is tobacco- and nicotine-free. They’ll satisfy cravings for traditional blunt flavor thanks to a thoughtful mix of cacao and vanilla.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Colorado

Stone Road 04 06 231569 (1)
Stone Road

Stone Road ¼ Flower Jar

Stone Road’s ¼ jar is filled with premium sungrown and small-batch flower, all biodynamically grown and sourced from a family-run farm in Nevada City, California. The flower is hand-trimmed and hand-packaged in a reusable glass container, speaking to the sustainable consumer who prefers to support small legacy businesses.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (646) 530-1981; California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma

Sinse gummies

Sinse Gummies

Sinse Cannabis partnered with renowned St. Louis chef Bob Brazell to create gummies for foodies. Sativa Mixed Berry 1:1 is an energetic and uplifting combination of 10mg THC:CBD, while Indica Wild Berry 1:1 promotes relaxation. High-potency Indica Sweet Grape is ideal for high-dose consumers looking to treat chronic pain.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Missouri


Smokos Sativa Mixtape

Illicit Gardens is known for high-potency genetics, and its Smokos Sativa Mixtape is designed to bring a digestible THC boost that will allow consumers to thrive through their workweek. The pack of five small pre-rolls is cleverly packaged and easy to transport, making for an eye-catching display geared toward consumers on the go.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Missouri

Lab 11 Liquid Diamond Vape

This social-equity company knows its audience: zoomers who want to support brands that are doing good. Lab 11 backs its legacy-loyal mission with top-tier products like the Liquid Diamond Vape. Blended with melted THCa powder (“crushed diamonds”) and botanically derived terpenes, these vapes are for young consumers who spend to make a difference.

Wholesale: [email protected]; Illinois



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