Top Retail Technology Providers for the Cannabis Industry

What’s your ideal tech stack? 
In the increasingly competitive cannabis retail sector, constructing the right dispensary tech stack is mission-critical. Your dispensary’s technical infrastructure, along with data management and use, can create a significant competitive advantage when carefully selected and strategically integrated. On the other hand, a haphazardly assembled tech stack without proper attention to integrating multiple systems can severely hamper operations, stemming the flow of revenue and needlessly limiting opportunities for growth.

We looked at five essential components of any retail tech stack: point-of-sale systems, cashless payments, ecommerce solutions, data and analytics, and customer engagement mechanisms. Point-of-sale systems track products for seed-to-sale compliance, offering detailed inventory management, enabling efficient order fulfillment and ensuring items are removed from available stock promptly. Cashless payment mechanisms can increase revenue by offering customers convenience and security similar to what they’re accustomed to in traditional retail settings. Ecommerce solutions provide online shopping capabilities. Data and analytics services help dispensary owners understand and use industry-wide data for inventory management and marketing. Customer engagement systems assist in creating customer loyalty and increasing spend.


For more information about each component and how to design a tech stack that meets your business’s unique needs, see “What’s Your Ideal Retail Tech Stack?

Below are the top-rated tech-stack providers serving the cannabis industry retail sector.

Cannabis Industry Retail Technology Providers

Cova Software Logo Cova Point of sale, payments, ecommerce, customer engagement
Cova’s POS system incorporates not only typical point-of-sale functions but also a built-in ID scanner and age-verfication system, customer queue management, and on-demand deep-dive product information. Cashless payment tools offer customers options, and an offline mode ensures all purchase information is collected and retained even when Wi-Fi connections hiccup. Inventory tools help automate time-consuming manual tasks. An onboard loyalty program can help turn first-time shoppers into frequent customers by allowing instant points redemption and automatic member-specific discounts, and an integrated data analytics package helps owners and managers visualize performance across the business as a whole. Optional ecommerce integration.
365 Cannabis 365 Cannabis Point of sale, customer engagement
aeropay AeroPay Payments
Alpine IQ Alpine IQ Data, customer engagement
BLAZE BLAZE Point of sale, ecommerce, payments
BioTrack BioTrack Point of sale, payments
Brightfield Group Brightfield Group Data
CanPay Logo CanPay Payments
dispense Dispense Ecommerce
dutchie Dutchie Point of sale, payments, ecommerce, customer engagement
flourish Flourish Point of sale
flowhub Flowhub Point of sale, payments, customer engagement
happy cabbage analytics Happy Cabbage Analytics Data
Headset Headset Data
High Yield Insights logo 300x103 High Yield Insights Data
Hoodie Analytics Hoodie Analytics Data
ISA logo 300x189 ISA Data
2 Logo Jane Technologies Point of sale, ecommerce, payments
Leafly Leafly Ecommerce
Mariner Business Solutions Mariner Business Solutions Point of sale, customer engagement
Meadow Meadow Point of sale, customer engagement
MJ Platform MJ Platform Point of sale
New Frontier Daata New Frontier Data Data, customer engagement
Paybotic Paybotic Payments
Pistil Data logo 300x100 Pistil Data Data
POSaBIT POSaBIT Point of sale, payments
proteus420 Proteus420 Point of sale
springbig springbig Customer engagement
Sprout Sprout Customer engagement
TREEZ Treez Point of sale, payments
vende Vende Point of sale, ecommerce
weedmaps Weedmaps Ecommerce, customer engagement
zenco Zenco Payments