PAX Fresh Pressed Tasting Experience Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of PAX

PAX celebrated the launch of their new Live Rosin with Natural Diamonds with a unique tasting experience in Santa Monica. The event featured a terpene-rich pairing of strains alongside food and beverages prepared by Chris Sayegh, founder and CEO of The Herbal Chef. A passionate science student, Sayegh was one of the early culinary professionals to merge fine dining with cannabis-infused foods as a way to change the perception of marijuana and other plant medicines.

Attendees were invited to experience the following pairings:


Guava Gelato

Key terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene 
Paired bite: Smoked salmon tartlet, dill creme fraiche, and guava gel

Tahoe Rose

Key terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene 
Paired bite: Pommes paillasson, mushroom puree, and black truffle
Paired cocktail: Umami honey, Anejo tequila, and cherry bitters

Jack Herer 

Key terpenes: Terpenilone, Limonene 
Paired bite: Pineapple pork skewer, chile puree, and coriander flower
Paired cocktail: Lemongrass-infused gin, thyme-infused Lillet Blanc, orange liqueur, prosecco, and soda