12 Last-Minute Products to Increase Your 420 Sales

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The biggest day in retail is right around the corner with cannabis sales expected to increase by at least 100 percent domestically and 50 percent in Canada, according to the most recent data from Headset. And while many cannabis consumers are already stocked up for the holiday, it’s always wise to have something special ready for the last-minute shoppers and deal-seekers.

A new report from the Brightfield Group helps drill down on expected spending habits by pointing to the future of 4/20 as female, encouraging retailers to shape their product mix and promotions accordingly. This new consumer spending report determined that “Women cannabis consumers are 13% more likely to celebrate 4/20 than men, and they are even more likely to spend on 4/20. 47% of female cannabis users plan to partake in dispensary deals on 4/20, while only 33% of male consumers say so.”


At Medithrive in San Francisco, CEO and founder Misha Breyburg pays close attention to regulatory restrictions when shaping the best 420 deals. “By discounting bulk products that have purchase limits, you literally cap the amount your customer can spend with you in one day at a lower margin,” he said. Breyburg noted that while margins can be thin, the “massive spike in sales and foot traffic for the month of April does make it our favorite month.”

With a big return to in-store cannabis sales expected for 2022, we’ve rounded up an in-demand list of cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, and good old-fashioned flower to help retailers make the most of the industry’s biggest day.


It should come as no secret that cannabis product sales soar on and around 4/20, and cannabis-infused beverages are certainly increasing in demand. According to Headset, these types of products were up in sales by 183 percent on 4/20 last year, and we anticipate even higher numbers in 2022.



Available in Massachusetts and Maine, Hi5 is a cannabis-infused seltzer that promises fast-acting yet manageable effects. The brand uses a state-of-the-art nano-emulsification process that creates microscopic THC particles, making it easier for the consumer’s body to absorb and process.



Levia offers cannabis-infused products for Massachusetts consumers seeking general wellness and responsible amusement. Their infused social seltzers contain natural flavors, 5mg of THC, zero calories, and zero sugar. 



Based in Napa Valley, Saka is a women-owned cannabis brand that brings infused beverages to consumers in California and Michigan. The classy bottles and champagne-and-wine-inspired drinks will bring consumers all of the fun of drinking without the hangover.


Although flower is no longer the most popular cannabis product on the market, it’s definitely still in high demand on 4/20. Last year, flower sales were up by 135 percent on the holiday.



Oregon-based LOWD is an award-winning cannabis production company, and their genetics-focused flower is arguably their most popular product. They achieve top-shelf appeal through their smoke-like-a-grower (SLAG) jars made with ultraviolet-resistant glass, providing a slower cure process. Contact [email protected] for wholesale information.

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Photo: Enkrypt Los Angeles


Cannabis brand POSIBL recently launched HUMO, a line of flower centered on the culture and representation of the Latino community. The product will initially be available throughout California, with plans for eventual national expansion in legal markets. Contact  [email protected] for wholesale information.



Although Foxy is a newer cannabis brand, they’re already known for having elite flower that connoisseurs throughout California swear by. They just came out with two new premium indoor-grown strains: Stardust OG (31.1 percent THC) and Pink Ape (35.6 percent THC).


A close second to flower, edibles sales were up by 132 percent this year. For the customer who is seeking a long-lasting, smoke-free product, here are a couple of choice picks.



Great for retailers that specialize in CBD, MILKWEED has a wide variety of CBD-only edibles that are available throughout the nation. Their confectioner’s truffles have the look and appeal of a high-end chocolate shop.


Mindy’s Edibles

Chicago-based Mindy’s Edibles brings award-winning artisanal creations to consumers in Illinois, California, Massachusetts, and Michigan. Their non-gmo, vegetarian gummies are available in glazed clementine orange, cool key lime kiwi, lush black cherry, freshly picked berries, honey sweet melon, and botanical white grapefruit flavors.


Khush KushProducts

Based in Washington state, Khush Kush produces sweet and savory Pot Tarts, Marsh-mellow Squares, Yum Dank Joys, and Magic Bars. Each baked product is handcrafted, made-to-order, and sustainably-focused. Contact [email protected] for wholesale information.


Pre-rolls saw an increase in demand by 126 percent last 4/20, and they remain one of the best product choices for consumers on the go. 



Based in Oakland and available in California, Chemistry Cannabis brings playfulness and whimsy to the pre-roll scene. Their line of live resin and diamond infused pre-rolls support Cannabis for a Cause, donating 1 percent to Supernova and 1 percent to Sun+Earth Certified. Contact [email protected] for wholesale information. 


Swifts Dipped 

Swifts are best-known in Washington and California for their Dipped Infused pre-rolls. Their all-flower pre-rolls are dipped in strain-specific distillate and rolled in kief. Retailers can contact Swift for more information.



BIKO’s Juseyo Diamonds pre-rolls are crafted with the discerning California connoisseur in mind, all made in small batches at the brand’s facility in Los Angeles. To order wholesale, follow this link.


Vapes aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they still achieved a 92 percent uptick in sales last 4/20. Here are a couple of great options to offer consumers this year. 


Select Limited-Edition Elite Live x Sonoma Hills

Select is easily one of America’s most well-known cannabis oil brands, and it just announced its first collaboration with premium craft cannabis brand Sonoma Hills Farm for a limited release of its Elite Live oil. The product will be available throughout California in strains like Jalapeno Gelato, Durban Biscotti, Melonade #8, and more. Contact [email protected] or visit curaleaf.com/wholesale for wholesale information.


Wonderbrett Live Resin Carts

The Long Beach brand with a long-standing reputation for exotic terpene profiles launched its first live resin cart in 2022. Geared for the high-end consumer in California and Michigan, Wonderbrett’s live resin carts are available in orange sunset, strawberry bliss, peach oz, pink picasso, orange banana, and lemon oz kush. To inquire about wholesale, contact [email protected].


Aries Full-Spectrum Hash Oil Cartridge

Available in Illinois and Arizona, Ariez seeks to provide the most accurate strain flavor possible with aeroponically grown cannabis that uses a recycled grow medium. Their full-spectrum hash oil cartridge offers an attractive upsell opportunity in newer markets. Contact [email protected] to learn more.

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