Dr. Greenthumb’s Launches Cannabis Flower Line in California

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LOS ANGELES – Dr. Greenthumb’s announced today the launch of its cannabis flower line under the Dr. Greenthumb’s brand. Created by B Real of legendary hip hop group, Cypress Hill, Dr. Greenthumb’s flower line was created with the intent to deliver high quality cannabis flower to all Californians. Dr. Greenthumb’s flower will be available exclusively at Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries for the month of April, with wider dispensary distribution scheduled for May.

Dr. Greenthumb’s flower is divided into three distinct categories: Loyal, Legacy and Unapologetic. Loyal signifies B Real’s commitment to quality cannabis while being mindful of price point, Legacy pays homage to the farms who have maintained their quality and authenticity over the decades and Unapologetic speaks to the customer who wants the best cannabis, regardless of budget.


The flower is sourced from small batch California cannabis farms that are vetted for their history, authenticity and connection to true cannabis culture. Unlike other cannabis brands who do not disclose the origin of their flower, Dr. Greenthumb’s is showcasing each farm they work with. Continuing the brand’s mission of full transparency, B Real, his Head of Cultivation, Kenji Fujishima, as well as B Real’s team and family members, will be traveling to each of the selected and approved cannabis farms and reviewing their flower.

The selection process begins with the vetting and approval of each cannabis farm. Next, B Real and his team will review each batch of flower and grade them as follows. First, each contender must make it past the garbage can test; if B Real would have refused smoking it on tour, it goes right in the garbage can. The high quality contenders making it past this test are then sorted into one, two, or three thumbs up according to B Real’s personal preferences. The color of the packaging will indicate the strain’s grade and price point. The farms will remain eligible and part of the supply chain as long as they meet the aforementioned criteria, but strains will change in accordance to each farm’s menu offerings. Each batch will be exclusive to the brand. Dr. Greenthumb’s will be working with new farms regularly.

Putting the power in the people’s hands, Dr. Greenthumb’s is documenting the selection process and sharing it with their customers via a QR code found on each product’s packaging. Customers will be able to see the stories of the farms, allowing them to make real-time buying decisions of which farms they want to support. This is unprecedented in the cannabis industry and one more example of Dr. Greenthumb’s commitment to connecting with its customers.

“I have a twofold mission with Dr. Greenthumb’s flower,” said B Real. “I want to honor the legacy of cannabis by ensuring the original cultivators have a place in the industry and provide accessible, quality cannabis for everyone’s budget. Things are changing so fast in the industry and the mom and pop legacy growers are losing their voice to the big corporations. I want to do my part to help the growers who love and respect the plant.”

With the onslaught of “Big Cannabis” shutting down mom and pop farms throughout the state, many in the industry have feared for the future of craft cannabis. As a cannabis advocate, B Real has created the Dr. Greenthumb’s flower line as a way of preserving California’s best legacy growers, easing some of the tensions brought on by cannabis conglomerates and rising state taxes.

“My hope with Dr. Greenthumb’s flower is to create a brand that resonates with the people. I have spent over three decades fighting for the plant itself. When I gave my support to Last Prisoner Project I knew the next decade was going to include a fight for the people behind the plant, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with the Dr. Greenthumb’s flower line,” said B Real.

The Dr. Greenthumb’s flower line should retail between $20 to $40 MSRP depending on the flower category. The flower will be available at all Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries in April, with wider dispensary distribution scheduled for May. To request samples, hi-res images or to schedule an interview with a company principal, please contact [email protected]. If you would like more information please visit Dr. Greenthumb’s Instagram page.

About Dr. Greenthumb’s

Dr. Greenthumb’s is a fully licensed dispensary and cannabis brand. World Famous Cypress Hill rapper, B Real launched Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensary in August 2018 in Sylmar, California. Evolving from what once was forbidden, being established as a brand in 1998, Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries and cannabis flower line are here to provide fans a glimpse into the world and culture of one of the biggest cannabis enthusiasts of all time.

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