FundCanna Announces Partnership with gGRO Horticulture to be the Company’s Exclusive Finance Provider


SAN DIEGO – FundCanna, the leading provider of capital to small to medium-sized businesses throughout the cannabis sector, announces today a partnership with gGRO Horticulture to become the company’s exclusive finance provider for gGRO’s clients.

With this partnership, gGro Horticulture and FundCanna will be able to offer financing to eligible buyers of the company’s products, with approvals in as little as 24 hours.


“Our partnership with gGro Horticulture is going to make their top-level lighting products more accessible to cannabis companies than ever before,” said Adam Stettner, Founder and CEO of FundCanna. “Many cannabis companies have the desire to upgrade their systems to include gGRO’s patented technology but are unable to do so due to a lack of capital to pay upfront. We are excited to become long-term partners with these companies and help them improve their yields, become more efficient, and ultimately improve their business.”

FundCanna is a leading provider of cannabis financing for cultivation companies like many of gGro Horticulture’s clients, with over 20% of FundCanna’s clients in the cultivation vertical. gGRO Horticulture is a technology company that focuses on leveraging its patented technology to help cultivators produce the highest quality cannabis, significantly increasing yield while providing energy savings over traditional lighting setups. “Cultivators who have switched to gGRO’s lighting systems have been able to significantly improve their yield and quality from grow operations,” said Scott Smith, Owner of gGRO Horticulture. “With this important partnership with FundCanna, we will be able to get even more of these innovative systems into the hands of our cannabis clients across the country looking to significantly improve their daily operations. gGRO is the closest thing to ‘Natural Sunlight’ available on the market.”

gGRO Horticulture customers will be able to access information about FundCanna and gGro Light financing directly through their website.

Dr. Robb Farms, a California-based cannabis company, recently worked with both gGro Horticulture and FundCanna as a result of this partnership to outfit his operations with a new gGro lighting system. Founder and CEO Dr. Robert Flannery said, “This unique partnership allows two companies, who work every day to help cannabis companies thrive, to come together and provide significant upgrades to many cultivators across the country. I’m excited to continue to work with FundCanna and gGro Horticulture as our companies grow together.”

About FundCanna

FundCanna is the leading source of debt capital to the cannabis industry. For more than 20 years, their team of financial experts has provided nearly $20 billion in funding to underserved businesses and individuals across the country. FundCanna products are flexible and designed to service the unique needs of this amazing space. For more information about cannabis financing, visit

About gGRO Horticulture

gGRO Horticulture is a lighting fixture manufacturer with deep technical expertise and history in both traditional HID and LED technologies. Built for growers, the gGRO system leverages its patented gHID high-frequency ballast to deliver market-leading efficiency for full-spectrum lighting.  Focused on the best outcomes for its clients, gGRO Horticulture fixtures deliver full spectrum lighting, to include UVAB and FR, to optimize the productivity and quality of harvests. gGRO Horticulture has its headquarters in Charlotte, NC, and all gGRO fixtures are assembled in the USA. gGRO is Light. Recreated.™️ Please visit our knowledge center at