Higher Celebrations Introduces PRIDEJAYS Exclusively at Northeast Alternatives


FALL RIVER, Mass. – From the creators of the world’s first joint birthday candle, the BirthJay,

Higher Celebrations launches PRIDEJAYS through partnership with Northeast


Alternatives, and benefitting the nonprofit, Gay For Good. Launching on June 1st, this year for Pride Month we invite everyone to Puff Proudly! For every PRIDEJAY sold, a $.50 donation will go to the Boston Chapter of

Gay For Good, a nonprofit that mobilizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) and ally volunteers to promote diversity, foster inclusion and strengthen ties to the broader Boston community.


are an ultra-thin rainbow cone, filled with the finest NEA flower for an easy, flavorful toke that will have you puffing proudly. Available as a one gram prerolled joint, PrideJays will only be filled with Cannabis of a Higher Stature, as we launch with two

strains, Wedding Cake and ZSweet Inzanity.

Higher Celebrations aims to be the innovative adult gift product leader helping to better connect people for special occasions, with a goal of making moments a little more special by delivering a creative combination of joy

and surprise with every product use.

“We want to help destigmatize cannabis through innovative products that bring people together. We have been able to do this with BirthJays, and are beyond excited for the PrideJay launch. By creating a framework for products that have a

donation component built into its DNA, we can bring people together while positively impacting the lives of countless others,” said Ryan Reinke, Director of Business Development for Higher Celebrations.

Having amassed a staggering 61 awards and counting since 2019, NEA is the most awarded cannabis company in New England, and is known for producing products of the highest quality. NEA’s award-winning flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes

and prerolls can be found in over 150 retail locations in Massachusetts, and at their retail location in Fall River, MA. PrideJays will be available with the buyer’s choice of two strains cultivated in-house by NEA’s growing experts: Wedding Cake, or Zsweet

Inzanity. Available strains and price points may vary based on location

Wedding Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid phenotype of Triangle Mints. This strain’s flavor is rich and tangy and has vibrant undertones of earthy pepper. Users describe this strain’s effects as strong

but also relaxing and euphoric

ZSweet Inzanity is noted for its numerous flavors, including pungent pine notes, making it a must-try for all sativa and Durban Poison lovers. This strain’s lineage is Durban Poison x Rainmaker x

OG Glue. Sometimes a funny looker, Zsweet Inzanity is a popular NEA strain because of its powerful effects and exquisite flavor. Users consistently describe this strain as energizing and uplifting.

For more information about licensing opportunities, contact Ryan Reinke at

[email protected]. For information regarding wholesale purchasing in MA, contact Hillary King at

[email protected], and for inquiries regarding NEA, please contact Mike Petrone at

[email protected].

About Higher Celebrations

Based in Colorado, Higher Celebrations is a novelty product line for adults offering unique packaging products focused on the cannabis gifting experience and special occasions. For experience driven adult consumers seeking to deviate from

the norm and elevate memorable events, Higher CelebrationsTM is the brand that fits their needs for innovative adult gifts. Higher CelebrationsTM is solely focused on making moments a little more special by delivering a creative combination

of joy and surprise with every product use. Visit

www.highercelebrations.com for more information, or follow @Higher_Celebrations on Instagram and Facebook.

About Northeast Alternatives

NEA is an award-winning, fully integrated medical and recreational cannabis dispensary chain operating in Massachusetts and Michigan. From the beginning, NEA has committed to offering the very best genetics. NEA’s top-notch team of cannabis

leaders, cultivators, and budtenders opened its doors on June 30, 2018, to serve MA medical patients, and in 2019 became the sixth dispensary in MA and the first in Southeastern MA to open to anyone 21 years or older. With plans to continue to expand its cultivation

capacity as well as the number of retail stores in MA and other East Coast states, NEA will continue to pursue the dream of providing consistent, high-quality cannabis to all medical patients and recreational users who want or need access to this plant’s amazing

benefits. The team at NEA is no stranger to the winner’s circle, with top prizes across all categories like flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and prerolls from local and national competitions such as The High Times Cannabis Cup, The Harvest Cup, and The

Commonwealth Cup, to name a few. NEA never shies away from putting their products up against the best that both the legal and traditional markets have to offer. For more information, visit


About Gay For Good

Gay For Good mobilizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) and ally

volunteers to promote diversity, foster inclusion and strengthen ties to the broader

communities where we live and work. We envision a world where all people regardless

of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression feel seen, safe, valued, included,

celebrated, equal and pride.  We aim to increase LGBTQ+ awareness, representation,

and goodwill through authentic interactions and relationship building and believe in the

power of service and working hand-in-hand with community partners to foster mutual

understanding and respect for all. For more information, visit

www.gayforgood.org and follow on instagram and facebook @GAYforGOOD

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