Bud Bar Displays: An Industry Trailblazer

Pods for the people.

Bud Bar Displays cannabis product display mg Magazine mgretailer
Pod product line (Image: Bud Bar Displays)

While Bud Bar Displays may have been conceived by happenstance, it is abundantly clear the company’s continued success should be attributed to its ability to evolve with the cannabis industry by introducing original and innovative designs to its diverse product lines.

Bud Bar began with Will Smith, president and lead designer. In the early days of California’s medical marijuana legalization, Smith began visiting local dispensaries after a serious injury left one of his legs paralyzed. With his design experience and keen eye, he immediately recognized dispensaries lacked an efficient and attractive way to display strains of flower. To refine the presentation, Smith created a “flower sample pod,” which made the interaction between patient and budtender a more enjoyable, clean, and efficient experience.


Bud Bar’s patented pod designs have evolved over the years and today all feature a magnification lens for viewing the trichomes of the flower and an “aroma scent” area for experiencing the strains’ terpene profile. The company’s current lineup offers more than twenty pod styles with numerous options. All are made with pride in the U.S.A. Bud Bar Displays truly manufactures “Pods for the People.”


Bud Bar Displays Xtract Elite cannabis display mg Magazine mgretailer
Xtract Elite (Image: Bud Bar Displays)

Extracts: a needed facelift

Bud Bar Displays also has focused on other parts of the cannabis market in recent years, including displays for extracts—previously an underserved area. Bud Bar’s Xtract Display Tray™ and Xtract Elite™, both of which offer optional LED bases, can display from twelve to sixty extracts within a single unit and make great additions to any dispensary showcase. For displaying extracts alongside flower inside a counter or on the sales floor, Bud Bar has designed Xtract Pod™, Incline Xtract Pod™, and X-Pod™, all of which include food-safe silicone liners to prevent extracts from sticking; the X-Pod™ is tetherable as well.

Additionally, for the increasingly popular extract pens and cartridges retail segment, Bud Bar offers individual stands as well as trays. Pen and cartridge trays are available with optional LED bases. Bud Bar’s extract display line now offers twelve Pods, trays, and stands. The company plans to release what a spokesperson called “exciting new products” later this year.

Bud Bar Displays Bud Bar Cabinet cannabis display mg Magazine mgretailer
Bud Bar Cabinet (Image: Bud Bar Displays)

Showcasing only the best

Bud Bar Displays has utilized its team’s unique skillsets to become a leader in the field of cabinet display design and fabrication, the results of which are used throughout the cannabis industry. The team developed custom LED tabletop light displays for use with several Pods styles including the stepped Bud Pod Bar™ display and the Canna-Pod Bar™, which features information card insert slots and a sloped angle for the perfect view of the displayed flower.

The next tier in Bud Bar’s cabinet lineup is the Bud Bar Cabinet™. A countertop display with a look and feel that easily can be incorporated into any dispensary, the cabinet is available in 24-inch and 48-inch model sizes, with or without locking doors, and can be ordered with an optional LED base. Alternatively, for dispensaries that need a built-in display and are having cabinets built on-site, the Ashes Showcase Insert™ may be the best option. The Ashes Showcase is a top-tier cannabis display, featuring a seamless front panel, glass-green acrylic sides, striking up and down lighting illumination, and an immense display area.

Bud Bar Displays Puffer Pod cannabis container mg Magazine mgretailer
Puffer Pod (Image: Bud Bar Displays)

The world of POP

In recent years, POP (point of purchase) displays have experienced a surge in popularity. POP displays are custom-designed and branded marketing tools that draw extra attention to a product in a retail setting. As the market continues to expand, the need to grab consumers’ attention is even more important to a cannabis product business. Bud Bar Displays anticipated this trend and now is a go-to source for custom-designed and branded product displays. The Bud Bar team has used its years of experience to design and fabricate enticing POP displays for many top-shelf cannabis product companies. The clients rely on Bud Bar’s creative team to take their vision and create a powerful display to match their successful products.

For additional information about Bud Bar Displays’ diverse product lines, visit the company on the web at www.budbardisplays.com.

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