TSRgrow Introduces Lighting as a Platform (LaaP) Technology

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WARWICK, R.I. – TSRgrow, a leading horticulture solutions provider, is proud to announce Lighting as a Platform (LaaP), a revolutionary technology that delivers unparalleled results to indoor growers, while significantly reducing up-front and long-term operating costs.

Lighting as a Platform (LaaP) brings together TSRgrow’s solutions for commercial horticulture growing into one digital platform:  Centralized Power Server Technology, highest performance LED Lighting and integrated software applications with sensor feedback technology for real time monitoring and control.  LaaP maximizes efficiency while cutting costs in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities. TSRgrow LaaP is revolutionizing commercial horticulture.


LaaP eliminates local ballast equipment on each fixture from the growing area.  By centralizing power in the grow facility, installation and maintenance costs are reduced and simplified.  By removing ballast heat from the grow area, growers can reduce their HVACD cooling load requirements and equipment CAPx. These benefits are just the beginning.  LaaP produces greater light intensity and more uniform canopy coverage for each grow, reducing the total number of fixtures needed, further reducing capital expenditures.

Compatible with Cogen, Solar and micro grids, LaaP Remote Power Servers connect directly to the AC grid or can integrate with Solar, DC storage, micro grids or Cogen systems.  Power monitoring provides real time reporting of energy usage while providing full control of every lighting fixture in the grow area, maximizing yields while saving energy.  “Designed for commercial horticulture, LaaP unites lighting, power and monitoring into one integrated system,” said Mikhail Sagal, President of TSRgrow. “It provides growers the ability to maximize their yields reducing their operating costs.”  LaaP integrates with TSRgrow’s TOTALgrow Solution, giving growers deeper insights across every aspect of their operation.

Additional benefits include simplified installation and maintenance, monitoring and control dashboards accessible from anywhere, and the highest performance designed for horticulture LED fixtures on the market.  Featuring power servers with the industry’s highest efficacy and lowest iTHD throughout the dimming range (0-100%), LaaP is Utility recommended and helps drive down facility operating costs for long term sustainability of your indoor, vertical or greenhouse facility.

“Taking all of the ballasts out of the flower rooms and putting then into a full IT server room, has helped us do right by our plants and our facility. Since we’re using TSRgrow’s Lighting as a Platform, we have the ability to control our environment outside of our grow in a designated server room where we do all of our monitoring.

“During our recent 200,00 sq. ft. expansion project, the TSRgrow team was there to help us every step of the way. Before you buy, do your research. TSRgrow is a true platform technology-based company. Not just because of the lights and the technology, but also because they are a true partner to help you grow. We will be using them again during our next expansion project,” said Cliff Miller, President, Norman K, Auburn, Maine.

If you aren’t considering LaaP now, you should be.

About TSRgrow
TSRgrow is an industry-leading full-service designer and manufacturer of commercial horticulture LED lighting systems for indoor and greenhouse growing operations. Founded over twelve years ago, this USA-based company offers horticultural TOTALgrow Solutions, best-in-class LED lighting systems, and industry support to help cultivators achieve the ideal balance of yield, energy and profitability.

TSRgrow’s industry leading LED lighting solutions have been developed in cooperation with university and industry leaders and are engineered to maximize energy efficiency. With design and manufacturing in the USA, TSRgrow Lighting as a Platform (LaaP) featuring remote power servers, environment monitoring, and full lighting management, is designed for commercial horticulture.  As a full-service horticulture solution company supporting hundreds of thousands of square feet of canopy, TSRgrow works with growers, owners and operators in all aspects of their operations, bringing benefits in indoor, vertical and commercial greenhouse growing.

Contact TSRgrow today to learn more about how their growing solutions can outperform conventional LED fixtures. Visit us at www.TSRgrow.com