PYPTEK: The Adventure of a Lifetime

Pyptek Pocket cannabis pipe mg Magazine

Although I don’t feel it’s at all necessary to tell you how I feel about PYPTEK, I know I’m going to have to spend a little time expressing it one way or another and I think I’ll accomplish more by sharing a little insight into what I appreciate about the experience.

PYPTEK carved its niche early in the legalization of cannabis. What began as a post on reddit, “the front page of the internet,” escalated into a widely recognized, beautifully crafted gateway to the ultimate smoking experience. No matter what it looks like to the consumer, PYPTEK, the manufacturer born in Colorado, doesn’t require much mulling over to know the Full Collection was made just for you.


Pyptek Dreamroller cannabis pipe mg Magazine
PYPTEK Dreamroller (Image: PYPTEK)

Most of us here in the office have always enjoyed the magnitude surrounding big ideas without overcomplicating how to get there. Where space is the ultimate experience for some of us, we find a bit of solitude and euphoria exploring what’s right here in our backyard: the backcountry. We’ve been there many times. On some days, it even seems like we have been to the moon.

Take the Pocket, for instance. I have smoked a bowl before, many times. The first time I took a rip out of this piece it seemed as though PYPTEK was keeping the art of smoking flower alive—an experience that drives equivalent to a 1965 Buick Riviera hitting the switchbacks of Colorado’s incredible skyline, mountains dusted with snow’s crystalline glitter and those incredible olive-green trees, where each inhale is its own, a unique personality, natural, made right here on American soil. An egoless acceptance of well-crafted machinery that takes you on the adventure of a lifetime, time and time again.

Pyptek Bubbler cannabis pipe mg Magazine
PYPTEK Bubbler (Image: PYPTEK)

The smoking experience we’ve all been craving lies here, as comfortably nestled in its clean grooves, expansion chambers, and hand-blown glass, as it would be at the top of a mountain, an untouched blanket of powder, a sunbaked day on the river—or, quite simply, the sunken cushion of your couch.

PYPTEK was designed to step into something larger than itself. Dare to adventure.

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