Bill Introduced that Eases Restrictions on Cannabis Sales, Use at Fests, Special Events

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Assemblyman Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) on Monday announced he has introduced an assembly bill that would ease restrictions on cities, to allow cannabis use and sales at temporary festivals and special events.

AB 2020 will give greater flexibility to cities to allow cannabis-related special events in public and privately owned venues. Current regulations prohibit local municipalities from approving applications for cannabis-related events unless they are held on county-owned property.


In a statement, Quirk noted that festivals and events contribute to local economies and that small businesses would benefit from an increase in event activity.

“I want to thank Assemblymember Quirk for authoring this bill,” said Oakland At-Large Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan in a statement. “The City of Oakland is a leader in cannabis development. The current regulations state these events can only take place at county fairgrounds. By making this simple, minor change it will give greater opportunities to small businesses and allow cities to secure much needed revenue, while firmly maintaining local control and public safety.”

The bill authored by Quirk and sponsored by the City of Oakland, which would like to allow cannabis sales at the annual Art and Soul Festival, held in the summer.

“I am excited to be working with the City of Oakland and the cannabis community on this bill,” Quirk added. “My office has heard from several cities that wish to allow for the use and sale of cannabis at temporary special events, but are restricted from approving these special permits. AB 2020 will be a great partnership with local governments–it retains local control and includes mechanisms to ensure public safety.”

AB 2020 is eligible to be heard by committee in March.