Westside Bar Association Holds ‘Cannabis Court’ on 420

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westside bar association e1492549427229

BEVERLY HILLS – The Westside Bar Association (WBA) is adding to the many festivities planned for 420 by hosting Cannabis Court, which is not exactly what it sounds like. Rather than a visit before a judge, Cannabis Court is an educational event designed to educate lawyers about the ever-evolving intricacies of cannabis law.

Open to the public free of charge, and offering 2 MCLE (Minimum Continuing Legal Education) credits to attorneys, Cannabis Court takes place this Thursday, April 20, from 6-8:30pm, at the Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles, located at 8555 Beverly Boulevard. There will be a reception following the panel, but no intoxicants will be allowed.


The panel features four Los Angeles-based lawyers offering differing perspectives on the current state of cannabis. In order of presentation, they are:

* Alexa Steinberg Esq., Manzuri Law
* Sahar Ayinehsazian Esq., PayQuick
* Allison Margolin Esq., Margolin & Lawrence
* Jonathan Garza Esq., LA City Attorney’s Office Prosecutor

Subject-matter covered during the panel will include:

* The financial complexities of marijuana law.
* The Los Angeles District Attorney’s stance on marijuana.
* Administrative aspects of operating a dispensary.
* Tests for intoxication and their evidentiary impact.

Mg spoke with Louis J. Shapiro, the Century City-based criminal defense attorney who put together the Cannabis Court panel for the Westside Bar Association.

What is the idea behind Cannabis Court?
The idea is to educate and equip the general attorney spectrum with the basic California marijuana laws in both the administrative and criminal side. Also, to forecast the future of marijuana considering the federal laws that conflict with the state’s position.

Who should attend and what can they expect to learn?
All attorneys with curiosity in the field. There is no charge for the event thanks to our generous sponsors.

Are you seeing increased interest in cannabis law since the election?
Absolutely. This is due to the implementation of the new laws that passed in Jan 2017, coupled with the uncertainty of how the federal government will react.

Does WBA plan to keep cannabis-related subjects on the schedule?
I expect WBA to host another panel on this topic after a year, so we can see how the new laws have been incorporated into our lives, as well as the crime statistics that form as a result.

More information about the Westside Bar Association can be found at westsidebarassociation.com.