Chris Visco Opens Women-Owned Cannabis Education Ctr in Huntington, WV

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HUNTINGTON, WV – TerraLeaf, a medical cannabis dispensary, has announced the official grand opening of their Education Center to the public on Tuesday, December 7th with a featured a Community Open House. Located at 2018 Third Avenue in Huntington, TerraLeaf is the first women-owned medical cannabis dispensary in the state of West Virginia. The 5,000 square foot space is divided to offer a community education center in addition to a dispensary, which will open at a later date.

TerraLeaf’s Education Center will provide classes and information on the different elements of cannabis, including strains, terpenes, and methods of consumption. Additionally, the Education Center will help new patients register for their medical cannabis cards and print cards for those who have been approved. The company will roll out dispensary operations in the coming months.


Statistically, West Virginia has become an epicenter of opioid deaths in the United States for the past decade, with overdoses reaching a record high in 2020. Through TerraLeaf, Founder Chris Visco hopes to introduce a new form of healing to the West Virginia community through medical cannabis alternatives in order to combat opioid use throughout the state. Since the approval of medicinal cannabis by the state of West Virginia, more than 4,000 residents have applied for medicinal marijuana cards, and 3,000 applications have been approved.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to drive this movement by creating jobs, providing resources for cannabis education, and precipitating positive change so that we can ultimately create a lasting, positive impact on the West Virginia community and those affected by the opioid epidemic,” said Chris Visco, President & CEO of TerraLeaf.

TerraLeaf will add over 35 jobs in the Huntington community. The team is currently hiring for Product Specialists, Patient Care Coordinators, Regional Managers, and Security.

Founder and CEO, Chris Visco, is an entrepreneur battling breast cancer, raising a family, and continuing to grow TerraLeaf as a business. With first-hand experience of the benefits of medical marijuana for cancer treatment, she believes that she can help heal West Virginia through the use of medical cannabis and looks forward to becoming integrated within the community. Visco also prioritizes advocating for people disproportionately affected by the war on drugs, and founded VOWD, a non-profit organization dedicated to the justice reform and equity of marijuana laws.

For more information or to coordinate an interview with a representative from TerraLeaf or Chris Visco directly, please contact

Lexie Fleege at Neff directly via phone at (330) 347-1423 or email at [email protected].


Founded by Chris Visco, TerraLeaf is the only women-owned Medical Marijuana medical dispensary in Huntington, Virginia. TerraLeaf’s mission is to provide patient-focused care by providing thorough education, as well as safe, high-quality products that benefit qualifying West Virginia medical cannabis patients. TerraLeaf will provide a unique shopping experience to the medical cannabis sector by employing the best and the brightest employees. To learn more about TerraLeaf, please visit,