Coast Launches Cannabis Vapes with Intergalactic Flavors That are Out of this World

Coast Smokes


Coast, a leading provider of premium cannabis products, has blasted off into the world of vapes with a perfected smoking technology and intergalactic flavors. The company is excited to announce the launch of new Delta 8 vapes, with a line of CBD vapes coming out soon. The new products feature a sleek, handheld design, out-of-this-world flavors and the same premium smoking experience of other Coast products.


The new Delta 8 vapes are made with high-quality, lab-tested cannabis and have special flavors to satisfy every smoker, including Space Mango, Cosmic Rainbow, Banana in Orbit, Lychee Meteor, Watermelon Zkittlez and Supernova Honey. The vapes provide a smooth, satisfying and convenient smoking experience that is perfect for both recreational and medicinal users.

The different types of vapes ensure that there is truly something for everyone. Delta 8 is a newer cannabinoid that has become increasingly popular for its unique effects. They create a euphoric high without the anxiety or paranoia sometimes associated with THC. This special effect is especially loved by creatives who enjoy entering a more open headspace. For smokers craving a mellower moment, our CBD vapes create a non-psychoactive high that promotes relaxation, good sleep and reduces stress. Think: a healthier alternative for your end-of-day glass of wine.

We can’t wait for our loyal Coast fans to try our new line of cannabis vapes and experience our signature smoking experience in a new way. To browse the collection of vapes and flavors, visit

About COAST: Founded in 2019, COAST is a California-grown organic smokes company offering users a guilt-free smoke break alternative. COAST works closely with third-generation hemp farmers in California to bring the highest quality, handcrafted hemp blends to their customers. Created with sustainability and health in mind, COAST was created by smokers, for smokers.

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