Ed Rosenthal Announces New Spring, 2018 Book Release

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Beyond Buds, Next Generation: Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions

Ed Rosenthal, the ‘Guru of Ganja’ and best-selling author of the Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, has teamed up with Greg Zeman, Associate Editor at Cannabis Now Magazine and regular cannabis commentator on the financial broadcast news network Cheddar, to lift the veil of confusion surrounding the latest wave of cannabis extraction and consumption techniques.

Technological leaps in cannabis extraction have created major waves in both culture and commerce since Beyond Buds first released in 2014, prompting Rosenthal and Zeman to entirely rewrite this Amazon Top-20 book, calling on the collective expertise of some of the cannabis industry’s brightest minds as well as its top photographers.


This readable but comprehensive guide has something useful for everyone: for the new cannabis consumer it offers a roadmap for making informed purchases; for the aspiring cannabis processor it provides a conceptual primer and a practical manual. The information in this book will also prove invaluable to journalists, academics and entrepreneurs—anyone seeking a more complete understanding of how cannabis concentrates and other processed cannabis products are made and consumed.

Beyond Buds, Next Generation is designed to help readers understand everything about the cannabis extraction and processing. It will help them to:

Identify and distinguish various styles of cannabis concentrate — from live resin to rosin.

  • Understand and perform various techniques for extracting cannabis, ranging in technical complexity from cold water hash to fractional distillation
  • Harness and apply the active ingredients of cannabis for medical and adult use

Enjoy the latest developments in dabbing gear and culture, including the latest trends in spa products and cannabis services Understand the relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids

“There are self-declared ‘technical consultants’ out there charging cannabis entrepreneurs thousands of dollars for little more than the information contained in this book,” Zeman said. “We’re putting it all in one place because, like the cannabis plant itself, this knowledge belongs to all of us. My sincere hope is that people will read this book and say ‘I can do that — I can be a part of the next chapter of cannabis.’ Because they absolutely can.”

The original edition of Beyond Buds sold over 50,000 copies since it’s release and set the standard for the cannabis community’s understanding of concentrates and infusions. Beyond Buds, Next Generation will introduce a new audience to the possibilities of cannabis, beyond the bud.

Praise for Ed Rosenthal
“Ed Rosenthal holds the distinction of turning more people on to pot than Cheech and Chong.” —Tommy Chong

“Mr. Rosenthal is the pothead’s answer to Ann Landers, Judge Judy, Martha Stewart and the Burpee Garden Wizard all in one.” —New York Times January, 2003

“Ed Rosenthal has always been an out front marijuana legalization advocate, someone willing to push the envelope, often at some personal risk, to achieve social change.” —Keith Stroup, Norml Founder

Praise for Beyond Buds: Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles & Medicines By Ed Rosenthal and David Downs

“The world of cannabis concentrates is expanding, and if you have any interest in exploring this new frontier, we’ve got a reading recommendation for you…. [Beyond Buds] treads where no book has tread before.” —Leafly.com

“Beyond Buds is the authority on the burgeoning concentrate industry. From the rise of herbal vaporizers to the advancement of CO2 and butane-based extractions, Ed Rosenthal covers every nook and cranny of the science of dabs. We are thrilled to support this authoritative text.” —Mark Richardson, VaporNation.com

“If we could we’d smoke every photo in this book. Be careful. Touch this book and you might get a contact high. This is the best book about concentrates we’ve ever reviewed.”—StuffStonersLike.com

“Beyond Buds is the most functional book you will buy this year…. Ed gives comprehensive treatment to what are often complex and difficult methods and concepts, but presents them in a way useful for everyone, from the novice to the expert…. There is a smokeless cannabis revolution upon us, and Ed Rosenthal’s Beyond Buds is the handbook.—OC Weed Review

“Every time a new chapter opens in the story of cannabis, Ed Rosenthal will have scouted ahead and written a guide for those of us following along. Beyond Buds carries on Ed’s lifetime of service to the plant…The beautiful photography throughout the book continues another of Ed’s traditions…. Don’t wander around lost in our re-legalized future when a guide book this good is right at hand. Beyond Buds will make you an informed citizen in our exciting tomorrow.”—HailMaryJane.com

“Rosenthal’s latest project is remarkably expansive…. The level of detail to which Beyond Buds delves is incredible, as Rosenthal cuts no corners… Whether you are starting out in the cannabis extract world or an experienced player, Beyond Buds has something to offer everyone.”—illegallyhealed.com

“[I was] extremely impressed with the detail and clarity. I can see how valuable this book is and truly want everyone in the industry to read it…. Thank you for helping expand my knowledge!”—Justin Kandler, author of The Hemp Solution

“Beyond Buds looks into the development of these new products and includes both how-to directions and eye-candy photos. It’s a must-read for any cannasseur.”—Alex Bradley, CULTURE

“It’s truly an honor and a privilege to not only work with Ed Rosenthal, but to help folks find that perfect vaporizer, or make the cleanest, safest extracts in the history of cannabis.”—David Downs, Coauthor of Beyond Buds; Editor, Smell the Truth on SFGate.com; Columnist, East Bay Express

“Ed shows the reader how to produce high-grade pot products from a bag full of leaves and trim…. As with all of Ed’s books, the instructions are clear and concise…. Ed’s book provides an excellent guide for anyone wondering what to do with their extra trim!”—Cannabis Culture

“This has got to be one of Ed’s better books… [I]t’s easy to read, has some great information, and tells you what you really need to know.”—Weed World