Flow Kana Announces the Formation of Flow Cannabis Co.

Logo: Flow Kana

REDWOOD VALLEY, Calif. – Flow Cannabis Co., a California-based umbrella company of sustainably cultivated cannabis goods and services, today announced its formation with the state’s best-selling sungrown cannabis flower line, Flow Kana, as its flagship brand.

“Since 2015, when we first appeared with a consumer brand called Flow Kana, it has been our goal to usher in a sustainable cannabis industry of which we could all be proud,” explains co-founder and Chief Servant Officer Michael Steinmetz. “From the first mason jar of Emerald Triangle craft cannabis that my wife and partner Flavia Cassani and I packaged up in our San Francisco apartment and delivered to our first customer on Vespas, we have grown to be one of the largest and most diversified cannabis companies across the supply chain. We’ve had our eyes on this day since we launched our first brand, Flow Kana, five years ago. Flow Cannabis Co. is a company built on values, and a mission to use the potential of sungrown cannabis to transform our communities, our agricultural practices, our business models, and our industry for the better.”


The announcement of Flow Cannabis Co. positions the company for brand expansion as well as increased opportunity to engage California’s conscious consumers with premium products that reflect and embrace their values.

Founded by Michael Steinmetz, Flavia CassaniAdam Steinberg, and Diego Zimet, Flow Cannabis Co. has been created to promote the expression of the cannabis plant in its many forms. Its flagship brand, Flow Kana, was launched in 2015 to help California’s craft farmers reach scale while also helping to shape a nascent industry just emerging from over 80 years of illegality with the sustainable principles it so desperately needs.

Steinberg says: “With cannabis Prohibition came the proliferation of indoor cultivation, which carries a high carbon footprint. We launched Flow Kana to forge another path. Flow Kana gave us the ability to partner with the Emerald Triangle’s sungrown legacy farmers and build one of the top flower brands in California; it was our go-to market strategy that enabled us to instill our values into the regulated industry, and the formation of Flow Cannabis Co. is the next step in our mission, as our dreams and goals continue to grow and scale with our ever-changing planet.”

Headquartered in Mendocino County on a 300-acre campus previously owned by the Fetzer family, whose winery was another pioneering sustainable agriculture company, Flow Cannabis Co. remains home to California’s largest supply chain of sungrown, sustainably farmed cannabis. Its 200,000-square-foot processing and manufacturing facility features services that include: sourcing, processing, manufacturing, packaging, and statewide distribution for Flow Cannabis Co.’s founding brand, Flow Kana, as well as its accessibly priced Roots brand. Flow Cannabis Co. also provides a combination of white label, co-packing, manufacturing, and distribution services at scale for two of California’s top 10 brands as well as other values-aligned partners like Kikoko, Foria,and Willie’s Reserve.

“We are proud to have successfully pioneered a model that celebrates California’s heritage of environmental stewardship and world-class sungrown cannabis. As we expand our reach under the umbrella of Flow Cannabis Co., we are eager to grow our impact, exploring that mandate to its fullest potential through film, music, eco-tourism, podcasts, and lifestyle events as well as across all consumer categories,” says co-founder, environmental activist, and filmmaker Flavia Cassani.

Flow Cannabis Co. also recently celebrated the grand opening of its 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art extraction facility, located at the famed Flow Cannabis Institute, which will imminently debut Caldera, the company’s new line of premium extracts and vape products, spearheaded by renowned molecular chemist Dr. Raj Gupta.

“We embarked on this journey because of the opportunity to get the values and intentions right in the cannabis industry from Day One of legalization,” says Steinmetz. “As we have grown, so has our original commitment to the ideal of a sustainable cannabis industry powered by sungrown cannabis. This public introduction of Flow Cannabis Co. marks an expansion of our vision and a focused emphasis on our commitment to build an industry of which we can all be proud.”

For more information, please visit FlowCannabis.co.

Formed from the 2015 launch of its top-selling flower line as its flagship brand (Flow Kana), Flow Cannabis Co. aims to be the standard bearer for the emerging clean and sustainable cannabis movement, and elevate the world to an enlightened cannabis consciousness. Flow Cannabis Co. offers a wide range of California’s top-selling CPG brands and a series of services including processing, co-packing, manufacturing, white-labeling, and distribution to a growing list of partners at various levels of the supply chain who share our values and vision of building a sustainable and inclusive cannabis industry. Headquartered in Mendocino County — the “gateway” to California’s famed Emerald Triangle region with operational hubs, facilities, and campuses throughout the state — Flow Cannabis Co.’s goal is to be the most respected and trusted supplier of sungrown sustainable cannabis products and services in the world.