Flower by Edie Parker Announces Exclusive Partnership With Sticky Glass


NEW YORK — Flower by Edie Parker, a premium line of cannabis and smoking accessories, has announced an exclusive collaboration with Sticky Glass, a design company developed by Grace Whiteside that specializes in multi-functional performative glassware. The two New York-based brands have come together to develop a unique, limited edition catalog of smokable art pieces that merge Sticky Glass’ signature bubble-like forms with Edie Parker’s playful and colorful signatures.

Each item in the collection is hand blown, ensuring unique, smokeable art pieces with personality. The collection includes Gum Ashtrays, Double Bubble Pipes and Bubbler Pipes in a palette of vibrant colors including Lime Twist, Grape Twist, Peach Twist, Sour Peach, Tutti Frutti, Sour Peach, Carrot and Berry.


“Our goal at Edie Parker is to craft exciting items that sit at the intersection of fashion and flower. This collaboration perfectly embodies that ethos,” said Brett Heyman, Founder of Flower by Edie Parker. “Working with an innovative brand like Sticky Glass allowed us to create a collection of smokable art that celebrates social cannabis consumption.”

“Edie Parker is a luxury brand with a special knack for creating products that stand out and I am thrilled to unveil my first collaboration with them,” said Grace Whiteside, Founder of Sticky Glass. “This project allowed me to create a portfolio of pieces that I am not only proud of, but will also elevate the overall cannabis experience.”

About Flower by Edie Parker

Dubbed “the Coco Chanel of Luxury Cannabis” by Forbes, Flower by Edie Parker ushers in a new generation of cannabis smokers with an irreverent and bold collection of design-forward accessories and cannabis accouterments. Merging the worlds of fashion and cannabis that is unapologetically ‘for a good time’, Flower by Edie Parker continues to break barriers and de-stigmatize the use of cannabis as a social act.

Priced from $10 to $800, Flower by Edie Parker’s collection features gorgeous acrylic, ceramic and hand blown glass accessories including stash jars, lighters, ashtrays, grinders, bongs, blunt tips, pipes, rolling papers, rolling trays, and a distinctly canna-friendly take on their signature acrylic bags.

In addition to accessories, Flower by Edie Parker sells pre-rolls in IL and MA.

Since launching in 2019, Flower by Edie Parker & The Edie Parker Foundation aim to help those, primarily women and children, whose lives have been affected by low level drug offenses. Partner organizations include and have included the Women’s Prison Association, The Bail Project, The Last Prisoner Project, Feeding America, City Meals on Wheels & more. Visit edieparkerflower.com or @EdieParkerFlower for more information.


Sticky Glass is a NY-based design company developed by Grace Whiteside that specializes in multi-functional performative glassware. Sticky’s forms pull from the natural behavior of glass in its fluid state, reflecting the queerness of the material.

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