New process to solubilise fats in water heralds a revolution in CBD delivery including CBD eye drops


Water and oil don’t mix, right? It’s one of the first lessons you learn in science classes at school.

A revolutionary new technique, developed by a team of leading researchers from Aston University for Max Bio+, means we will have to rethink this truism.


The Max Bio+ technology enables oil to be dissolved in water. It doesn’t just mix the two together, it makes oil soluble in water, which is a gamechanger for the medical and drinks industries.

Max Bio+ was founded by Professor Shah, Professor Consultant Ophthalmologist, Professor Aston University, and philanthropist Sean Ngu.

The team started by looking at eye drops as there was evidence that the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anaesthetic and analgesic properties of Cannabidiol (known as CBD) could help patients with dry eyes. The question was how to get the CBD delivered to the eye when dropping oil in the eye clearly wasn’t a good option.

It was while creating the eye drops that the team discovered a revolutionary new way of creating a soluble CBD product by making the oil completely soluble in water. Perfect for eye drops – and a wide range of other applications.

For now, the team is focusing mainly on working with CBD oil, but the technique works just as well with any oil-based product, opening the door for a range of new products and breakthroughs in the future.

Laboratory testing of CBD using this technique, has indicated that it makes CBD much easier for the body to absorb. When taken via the mouth, it gives up to six times greater absorption of the same amount of CBD into the body.

Max Bio+’s resulting CBD liquid is 25,000 times more soluble than standard CBD. It also enables the team to make a concentration of CBD at 20mg/ml. This is considerably higher, as much as 6,000 times higher than most CBD products currently available.

Max Bio+ uses its (patent pending) technique to create a clear, tasteless, odourless product manufactured without alcohol, surfactants or heat. This clear CBD liquid can then form the basis for a variety of products from drinks to drug delivery, from inhalers to food, from sports recovery to pet care. The possibilities are almost limitless.

The liquid can also be freeze-dried to create a powder making transport easier and further opening up the range of potential applications.

“This breakthrough in mixing oil and water is a genuine gamechanger. Just imagine how it can change the health industry by allowing the oral delivery of many drugs that currently have to be injected. Insulin a prime example. This could spell the end of painful injections for thousands of diabetics. Then there are the eye drops and myriad ways to add CBD to food and beverages without compromising on taste.” Said Professor Shah.

Currently, Professor Shah and his team are working specifically on the CBD eye drops, CBD beer and ways that insulin, delivered under the tongue could help diabetics.

Max Bio+ is now seeking partners to help develop their products and technology further. For more information about Max Bio+ and its patented technology visit:

About Max Bio+

Founded in 2020 by Professor Sunil Shah, Professor Consultant Ophthalmologist, Professor Aston University, and philanthropist Sean Ngu, Max Bio+ has created revolutionary patented technology to solve the perennial problem of how to mix oil and water, specifically CBD Oil.

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