Puffco Unveils Smart Rig for Concentrate Consumers

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BROOKLYN, New York — January 8, 2018 — Vaporizing innovator Puffco, acclaimed for its award-winning vape pen designs, is kicking off its fifth year as a frontrunner in advanced cannabis concentrate technology with the Puffco Peak, a new battery-powered desktop model. First come, first served pre-order begins Monday, January 15; shipping to start in February.
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The Peak is the first smart rig on the market for load-your-own concentrates and extracts. It reaches an array of optimal temperatures in just 20 seconds and eliminates the hassle of torches and timers associated with traditional dab rigs.
“In the same way that Puffco disrupted the vape pen market when we released the Plus, the Peak will immediately transform cannabis consumers’ expectations of a desktop rig,” said Puffco’s design-minded CEO Roger Volodarsky. “We’ve all struggled with unwieldy rigs and enails promising, but rarely delivering, on simplicity and ease of use. But now Puffco is debuting a powerful, malleable rig for the modern concentrates consumer—the perfect rig for 2018, really.”
With the push of a button, the Peak unlocks the true power of essential-oil concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor and effects of the plant they’re derived from. The smart technology opens the door for easy sharing in a social setting.
There is no learning curve with the Peak, thanks to its four pre-programmed heat settings that are highly effective no matter the ability level of the consumer. With the Peak an experienced aficionado or someone dabbing for the first time can have the exact same experience, each time. What makes this smart rig truly aware is the Intelligent Temperature Calibration. This feature allows the device to maintain a consistent experience when sharing with friends session. If the device was just used, it pivots it’s heat setting to account for the change in temperature, and delivers an adjusted heat cycle for the next person, guaranteeing quality flavor and vapor each time.
The Puffco design team integrated top components of the Plus pen into the Peak: They both have a coil-less ceramic bowl and adjustable heat settings, and the Peak showcases the evolution of concentrate consumption with hand-blown glass, water filtration, increased power and capacity for bigger loads.
Among the Peak’s features:
20-second average heating time: Rapid readiness, as opposed to 3-minute waits between heating and cooling times for typical dab rigs.
Fast-charging battery: Full power in two hours when using Puffco’s supercharger; good for 30-plus cycles.
Four unique heat settings that ensure consistency: Settings are adjustable for the type of desired experience, be it small or large loads, intense flavor or big clouds. There is also a “boost mode” that allows a user to finish any remaining concentrate in the bowl, so not a single drop is wasted.
Intelligent Temperature Calibration: Smart tech adjusts heat time when bowl is already hot, allowing multiple users to easily take part in a session.
Discreet LED light band: Displays battery and heat cycle indicators only when needed.
Haptic feedback: Dials in timing for the consumer to achieve a consistent experience.
The Peak is now available for pre-order through www.puffco.com.