WILD HEMP® and Turning Point Brands (TPB) Partner with Cuban Connection to Expand Distribution to South Africa- WILD HEMP® Hempettes are now available in South Africa

a pack of green wild hemp hempette cigarettes with the lid open and two cigarettes emerging from the pack

DALLAS — WILD HEMP® and Turning Point Brands continue to expand the availability of WILD HEMP® globally. With the company’s partnership with Cuban Connection of Cape Town. The initial launch of Hempettes will begin in South Africa and has plans to enter other markets such as the European Union, Southeast Asia, and Latin America in the near future.

Zain Meghani, CEO of WILD HEMP® says, “Our product has already excelled in America, being the number one cigarette styled CBD pre-roll in the market. Hence, we are excited to begin the sale of Hempettes in South Africa with our distribution partner Cuban Connection. After South Africa, we are looking to expand WILD HEMP® Hempettes to a multitude of countries globally.”Made with fresh American Grown Hemp, WILD HEMP® Hempettes come in four popular flavors: Original, Sweetz, Menthol, and Pineapple Blaze. Each pack contains 1500mg of CBD and 20 Hempettes.


Meghani adds, “We aim to satisfy our customers no matter where they’re located, which is why we’ve been working with our partner Turning Point Brands, on expanding our products on a global scale. We’ve heard from customers globally, asking for Hempettes in their countries because of the experience it provides without the use of nicotine, tobacco, or high percentage of THC. We have the inhouse capability to adjust flavor profile, CBD content, and THC content in order to customize our product for a region’s consumer preference and regulatory landscape. That is why we will distribute all four of our hempette flavors in South Africa: Original, Sweetz, Menthol, and Pineapple Blaze. Each flavor is tailored to capture the taste preference of most consumers.

Our Hempettes were the first cigarette-styled CBD pre-roll in the world, giving us the time to create the best quality CBD cigarettes that we can. Our goal is to improve the adult smoking experience by using high-quality American grown hemp from Colorado and Oregon. We wanted to give our consumers the same satisfaction as smoking a cigarette while providing a zero-nicotine experience. WILD HEMP® Hempettes were made to provide a smooth smoking experience to every adult.”

Website: www.wildhemp.com; www.crowndistributing.org