TERPS PLUS Fertilizer Enhancer


TERPS PLUS is a fertilizer enhancer specially formulated and tested as a solution to drive cannabinoid output and terpene production. By encouraging rapid plant nutrient uptake, TERPS PLUS promotes and optimizes plant growth, plant health, crop quality, and yield potential.

The product can be used in indoor and outdoor settings with any hydroponic, NFT, DWC, drip, aeroponic, aquaponics, and liquid feeding systems with soil or soilless media including coco coir.


According to third-party trial results published by Microbe Life Hydroponics that compared a Sunset Sherbery cultivar grown using a standard nutrient package and one grown using TERPS PLUS, the fertilizer enhancement was able to increase THC (delta 9) content by 10.9 percent while decreasing THC-A content by 4.5 percent. Terpene production was also shown to increase by 13.1 to 30 percent.