Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang Adds Cannabis-Themed Campaign Merch

NEW YORK – Democratic candidate for president Andrew Yang has released a limited edition, subtly cannabis-themed baseball cap, which is being sold to raise money for his campaign.

On August 24, Yang tweeted, “Our limited edition marijuana merch is now in stock! Check it out.” The army green hat has Yang’s simple “MATH” campaign logo on the front and, with a sly wink, a marijuana leaf motif on the back of the cap.

Image: @AndrewYang /

A marijuana-themed Wang2020 T-shirt also is available in the campaign’s merch store, in Army green, with a screen-printed front that says “Math. Money. Marijuana.”

Other slogans include “Not Left, Not Right – Forward,” “Trickle-Up Economy,” and the Yang Gang logo, in everything from apparel to water bottles, dog collars, stickers, and shot glasses—several of which riff on his reputation as a math geek.


Pro-cannabis Yang is an entrepreneur with degrees in economics and political science from Columbia and Brown Universities, respectively. The son of immigrants, Yang’s platform is focused on the economy, education, and forward-looking policies regarding the tech industry and the emergence of automation, AI, and other technologies that will gradually replace human workers.

Policy points for Yang also include his controversial Freedom Dividend plan; if he becomes president, he plans to give universal income in the amount of $1,000 a month to every American citizen over 18 years of age. The income, which would help with basic living costs would also create a stable environment for Americans to pursue higher education, start businesses, and provide economic stability for families.

“Let’s build a new kind of economy—one that puts people first. If there’s one policy that would transform American lives for the better, it is Universal Basic Income,” Yang said on his campaign website.

Yang also supports Medicare-for-All and economic policies that favor “human-centered capitalism.”