Sous Social: Cannabis Chef Monica Lo’s Top Social Media Tips

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Image courtesy of Monica Lo

Chef, photographer, and creative director Monica Lo cooks up an enticing mix of Asian-inspired infused cuisine, cannabis history, and educational information on her blog ( and Instagram feed (@sousweed). 

How did you come to view cannabis as a superfood?


I really started to research the medicinal benefits of cannabis when I herniated a spinal disc. I was fed up with all the pills that wreaked havoc on my system. Along with acupuncture and chiropractic care, I also switched to an anti-inflammatory diet that included foods that fight inflammation like nuts, fatty fish, and a variety of leafy greens that included cannabis.

What else did you learn?

I was excited to discover the roots of medicinal cannabis use in ancient Chinese medicine. This is our ancestral medicine, and I’m here to reclaim cannabis as a part of traditional Chinese medicine’s healing repertoire and to help destigmatize and demystify cannabis within our communities.

“It’s important for Asian Americans who use cannabis responsibly to come out and talk about their experiences.” —Monica Lo

How do you use social media to destigmatize cannabis?

Instagram is a great platform to engage, empower, and connect with your audience. When I find an exciting piece of cannabis history, I like to share these tidbits with images that I’ve captured.

What’s your advice for brands?

Have a voice, be original, and don’t be afraid to engage with your audience. Unique content is so important. I don’t like to follow curated accounts that repurpose images and memes from all over the internet; that [kind of behavior] doesn’t feel authentic. It’s okay if social media is not your forte. You can always hire and collaborate with your favorite content creators and let them do what they do best.