Weedmaps Entertains Thousands During Opening Coachella Weekend

miss grass
miss grass

INDIO, CA. – The hot-ticket Weedmaps Oasis party went off without a hitch during the opening weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. In fact, one could say the event was an unmitigated success in its laudatory intent to provide a cannabis-friendly sanctuary to concertgoers and others. Located at a sprawling private residence about six miles from the festival, the party-slash-experience attracted more than 2,500 people over Friday night, Saturday day and night, and Sunday day, according to event organizers.

Those who made it to Oasis were treated to food, drinks, lots of places to chill out, two swimming pools, a pool table, and a tasty selection of infused products to enjoy courtesy of a handful of vendors who set up their operations in latticed geodesic domes scattered around a plush, sun-drenched grassy area dotted with couches shaded by large umbrellas. After the sun set, the domes became magical, multi-colored spaces attracting curious visitors and friends into their individual experiences.


“The weekend has been phenomenal,” enthused Weedmaps’s Director of Media Operations, Lance Lambert, as the sun began to set on a busy Saturday. “We’re really excited about the turnout and the whole experience with the domes. Everything here is free, from wax to oils to flower. We have live DJs, a speakeasy of sorts where people can relax, and of course the pools. It’s all got such a positive vibe.”

As promised, celebrities also made it to the event. Sightings included Kendall Jenner (who reportedly did not inhale), Hailey Baldwin, A$AP Rocky, Rita Ora, Hannibal Buress, Action Bronson, and Xzibit, to name a few.

The companies that accepted invitations to have a presence at the Oasis event were glad they did. One such endeavor, Miss Grass—a content and commerce property for the modern woman designed to help elevate the conversation surrounding cannabis via events and content production targeting a premium female voice—has not even launched, and yet still found immense value being at the event.

“We created a cool vibe for the event,” said Miss Grass founder Kate Miller, whose Moroccan-themed dome turned out to be the place for people to hang out. “People have been coming in throughout the event to just chill and enjoy our flower crowns that have buds woven into them, or our supremely talented henna and nail artists. We have the Cannabis Feminist team offering natural, herbal-blend teas and joints, and the amazing Ocea team and their organic skin care line doing on-the-go treatments for people.

“I brought these people together to create an amazing Miss Grass experience for the Oasis,” she said. “We’re a close community of people doing really cool things. Kind of like a magnet, we’re drawn to help elevate one another and bring all the brands together.”

Another dome featured the Nameless Genetics crew, who enthusiastically offered pre-rolls of their Pineapple strain to people stopping in or walking by. The pre-rolls had been rolled in two Futorola rolling machines set up on a table in the Nameless dome, where a massage therapist was also on duty for those in need of a therapeutic rub.

“We really appreciate coming to this event,” said founder/grower Clyde. “We work hard seven days a week so this event is my vacation, which is why I’m trying to relax and enjoy the people stopping by to visit.”

“This booth is all about bringing the luxury cannabis lifestyle to everybody,” chimed in another member of the Nameless posse. “We want to pamper everyone and show them that there is a next level to this cannabis movement. It’s not just about smoking weed, but the experience and the lifestyle. One of the things we’re trying to do is create a culture, and a part of that was to create a Nameless Day, where we ask people what that means to them as a consumer or a Coachella-goer. We’ve gotten responses such as ‘perfect,’ ‘amazing,’ and ‘out of this world.’ So, for us, having a Nameless Day is about becoming a part of the cannabis movement and having a high-quality experience.”

Making something different was the goal for all involved. “The whole idea was to create an experience rather than just throw a party,” said Lambert, who described Oasis as “a passive marketing experience more than a traditional in-your-face advertising and marketing approach. It allows consumers to get invaluable face time with actual business owners, who can then tell their story and explain why they’re so passionate about being in this industry. So yes, it’s designed to turn traditional marketing on its ear.”

Weedmaps is hosting Oasis only during the first weekend of the music and art festival this year, but don’t be surprised if there’s an expanded schedule and many more such events in the years to come.

“We’re not alone,” said Lambert. “Spotify and other friends are out here, creating their own experiences. As a lifestyle brand, we’re very active in the music space, as we are in action sports, e-sports, and gaming. So, we’ll continue to be around music, not just at Coachella but with music events and festivals in Colorado and in the Northwest as well. We’re sticking with music.”

Sponsors of Weedmaps’s Oasis event included FlavRx, West Coast Cure, Nameless Genetics, Brass Knuckles, Kaya Farms, GenX, Miss Grass, Kaya Farms, SugarLeaf, Futurola, Atomic, CA Unified, and MedTainer.

Photo courtesy of Weedmaps.