A Six-Pack of Super Products for March

Chiefton Book Mock 04 web
Chiefton Book Mock 04 web

1) Chiefton Apparel

If you are looking to stock cannabis-related apparel (hoodies and T-shirts), Denver-based Chiefton Supply Co. has got you covered, literally. Their mission: make apparel that allows both medical patients and recreational enthusiasts the opportunity to represent the industry in a progressive and professional manner. ChieftonSupply.com

March, products, easy grinder2) Easy Grinder Gold Vape Pen

Not only is the Easy Grinder Gold one good-looking vape pen, but it also is, yes, a grinder. With the simple touch of a button, Easy Grinder’s unique grinding chamber provides a customize level of grinding power. Easy to clean; easy to use. EasyGrinder.co3) Puffco Pro 2Puffco, march, products


Designed for the person on the go, the Pro 2 has been completely redesigned. Coated in a bespoke brushed stainless steel finish, 2 is not only slimmer and more discreet than its predecessor, but it also comprises only three pieces—mouthpiece, chamber and battery—which have been redesigned to produce a better experience. Puffco.com

Marley Natural, products, march4) Marley Natural Water Pipe

Marley Natural’s elegant line of smoking accessories are not only smokingly cool but also will liven up any coffee table. Featuring plush black walnut stems and handblown borosilicate glass, the Marley Natural Water Pipe make the ritual of smoking a bespoke experience. 11.8” high x 5” diameter base; 1.5 lbs. MarleyNatural.com

Truffly made, products, march5) Truffly Made

Looking for an easy way to make custom THC truffles? The Coronado, California, company Truffly Made’s silicone truffle molds are your best shot. The patented mold design eliminates the need for hand-rolling and making or buying shells. Truffly Made molds are the only molds that allow you to easily pop out a truffle in a one step process. TrufflyMade.com


eBottles, march, products6) eBottles

eBottles has made bottles for just about every purpose out there. Now they may have found a new market to serve. Recenty, eBottles was granted design patent D781151 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. This patent is for a bottle that will properly store concentrates and is child resistant. The concentrate bottles are available in 5 ml, 9 ml, and 15ml sizes. eBottles.com