Bud and Bloom Marijuana Dispensary Provides Beauty, Comfort, and Care

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Bud and Bloom

Combining a relaxed, industrial design, an impressive selection of exotic medicine, and passionate, holistic care, The Bud and Bloom dispensary is a special place of healing.

In 2015, Aaron Herzberg was selected as a Super Lawyer, an honor bestowed upon the top 5 percent of lawyers in the United States. Then, a career cannabis came calling. Herzberg co-founded CalCann Holdings Inc., a Santa Ana, California-based cannabis real estate company with a portfolio of licensed medical marijuana businesses and properties including Bud and Bloom. He also serves as the organization’s general counsel.

“I have Asperger’s [syndrome]. It’s the reason I went into cannabis,” said Herzberg, 47. “I thought weed was evil until I tried it for the first time seven years ago. It helped me with my social anxiety. It changed my life.”


Bud and Bloom Marijuana Dispensary

Herzberg has served on the Long Beach, California, Medical Marijuana Task Force and is a founding member of the Cannabis Industry Association of Nevada. He said he wants Bud and Bloom, which Leafly called one of the ten best-designed dispensaries, to be the go-to place for medical patients seeking hard-to-find tinctures, CBD, THCA, and THCN products.

“It’s my passion that we serve the seriously ill,” Herzberg said. “I am a medical patient but also a weed nerd. I want to have the latest gadgets and products. I want to build a community, not just a store.”

“The main goal was to create a comfortable space where products were not displayed behind glass cases,” said Herzberg, “but rather displayed on open shelves so customers could pick up products and read the labels and interact with friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. Where most dispensaries don’t allow you to see into the bud room from the waiting room, I wanted the exact opposite and installed additional windows from the patient waiting area and from the outside to allow in plenty of light. The distressed wood floors are the same ones I have in my house. It’s a beautiful and comforting space.”

“My partner, Chris Francy, and I worked with Display It Inc., an Irvine, California-based company that designs high-end retail stores for companies such as Nike and Billabong,” said Herzberg.

Bud and Bloom Marijuana Dispensary

What’s Hot
“The Rove vape pens are great; they hit very hard,” Herzberg said. “I also like the HMBLDT vape pens. They are super-high-tech and deliver a measured dose. On the medical front, we carry some very unique products such as Prana Bio Nutrient Medicinals, which are produced by Harborside in Oakland [California]. My friend Steve de Angelo has produced this incredible product line that is really true medicine. They also provide access to a nurse you can speak to on the phone. We are one of only two stores outside of Harborside to carry this product.”

“While California is headed towards recreational [use], I feel strongly that Bud and Bloom is a special place of healing,” said Herzberg. “It’s a store for everyone, but we do a lot of outreach to seriously ill patients. I spend a lot of time meeting hospice nurses and others who take care of ill and terminally ill patients. I want Bud and Bloom to be the Southern California go-to place for medical patients.”

What I’ve Learned So Far…
“The marijuana business is like a roller-coaster ride. You keep having lots of ups and downs, but if you work hard you can succeed. Enjoy your work. Be passionate about your work. Live in the moment.” -Aaron Herzberg, founding partner, CalCann Holdings Inc.

The Prana Effect

Bud & Bloom is one of only two shops outside Harborside that carries the 100% plant based Prana Bio Nutrient Medicinals.

The potent sublingual concentrate comes in five catagories:
P1: a non-psychoactive formula of THCA derived from whole plant, thin-leaf cultivars (good for arthritis, tumors).
P2: a non-psychoactive 3:1 formula of CBD-a to THCA derived from whole-plant, CBD-Rich, sativa cultivars (depression, cancer)
P3: a non-psychoactive 1:1 formula of CBD-a to THCA derived from whole-plant, CBD-rich, and heavy indica varieties (Autism, nausea).
P4: an activated 1:1 blend of CBD to CBN with trace amounts of THC and ACDC terpenes (insomnia, anxiety)
P5: a fully activated CBD formula with ACDC terpenes (blood sugar, inflammation).
Bud & Bloom also carries the Prana capsules. 

Bud and Bloom Marijuana Dispensary

Bud and Bloom
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