Tip Jar: Dispensing Medicine With Budtender Ray Perique of Evergreen Market

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BudtenderJayPerique1 1

Ray Perique, 24, has an extensive background in retail and customer service.

He’s worked the sales floor for such companies as Spencer’s Gifts and Liz Claiborne. However, cannabis has always been on his mind. “I had a nice, basic knowledge of cannabis before starting at Evergreen five months ago,” Perique says. Since then, he’s quickly risen up the ranks as one of the most respected budtenders at Evergreen Market in Washington State. “It was a dream come true getting this job,” he says. “I love my job, my company, and cannabis. Someday, I’d like to use my personality in some way to change the attitude surrounding the industry.” Right now, though, he’s enjoying dispensing medicine for Evergreen. “It just keeps getting better and better each month.”

“Evergreen works hard to educate our customers on where and how the product we carry is produced. We celebrate this industry and those individuals who embody it, and we strive to elevate the lives of our employees, our business partners, and our customers.”

Asked and answered:
By far the question I asked most is “Sativa or indica—what’s the difference?”


Never give up pursuing your dreams. The possibilities in this industry are endless, and you never know when your personality will create a position the company didn’t even know it needed.

I pretty much learned on the job. Learn, learn, learn.

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Perique advises a customer.

Favorite brands:
I’m a huge fan of Harmony Farms and Mad Mark. I also like Phoenix pre-rolls for a pick-me-up. And Kush Valley and Hempire.

Upward mobility:
I was recently promoted to a stock position, so I am also responsible for stocking and finding new products. My goal is to meet with every grower, seller, processor, etc., with the store’s primary buyer. I want to be a face that is remembered.

Passion or career?
I love my company and the people who gave me this opportunity. I was not everyone’s first choice, but I showed them my worth and in return they gave me respect no other company has given me. I was able to quit working two jobs, and now I can pay my rent and smile, knowing I am working with some of the best people there in this industry.

Evergreen’s best sellers are….

Seattle’s Private Reserve pre-rolls. The four-pack is our hottest item by far. It sells faster than any other bud, edible, concentrate, or accessory. Mad Mark’s Black Cherry Soda is our most popular flower…when we can keep it on our shelves.