Border Patrol Agents Find More than 5K Pounds of Cannabis

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LAREDO, Texas – U.S. Border patrol agents from the Laredo North Border Patrol Station in Laredo, Texas, seized more than 5,350 pounds of cannabis, packaged in 245 bundles, while patrolling near the Rio Grande River on August 27.

After agents found several bundles of cannabis “scattered in a grassy area near a warehouse property,” a subsequent search led to the discovery of a box trailer with more wrapped bales of cannabis inside.


Officials estimated the cannabis was worth more than $4.2 million in street value. The Drug Enforcement Administration took custody of the “narcotics,” pending investigation.

Packages containing 5,350 pounds of marijuana seized by Laredo Sector U.S. Border Patrol agents. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol)

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection blog said of the incident:

“Even with the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, narcotics smugglers continue their brazen attempts to bring drugs into our country. U.S. Border Patrol agents of the Laredo Sector will continue to be vigilant in securing the Nation’s borders and preventing the smuggling of drugs. 

“The Laredo Sector urges the public to help us be vigilant. If you see something, please say something. Laredo Sector is made up of agents who strive to meet the Enduring Mission Priorities of the agency to counter terrorism, combat transnational crime, secure the border, and facilitate lawful trade and travel while protecting revenue,” the post continued.