Pure Life Collective Rolls to Victory at The Big Lebongski

Big Lebongski rs

ROCKLIN, Calif–Rolling into Rocklin in a pearl white limo, Pure Life Collective’s bowling team and friends showed up to The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament’s Sacramento stop at AMF Rocklin Lanes on Sunday night. The six-member bowling team also rolled to a 52-point victory, to take home The Little Lebongski Trophy and secure a spot in TBL Tournament of Champions.


“The limo ride to the lanes had everything to do with it,” explained Team PLC Captain Whitney Marchand. “The crew had plenty of time to, shall we say, bond and properly prepare for the games. I don’t think our Zen rhythms could have been any higher. On behalf of myself and the gang–Windy, Ashley, Holli, Mark and Jerome–thanks… we had a blast!”

Three other Sacramento-area companies participated in the festivities. Pin totals for each included Abatin Wellness Center (556 pins), 420 Med Evaluations (1026 pins), and Sequoia Analytical Labs (1073 pins).

Tournament bowlers received a TBL gift bag containing Supreme Organics THC-infused edibles, including their award-winning Chocolate Truffle. Bowler Kim Price said, “Absolutely the best medicated edible I have ever tasted.”

Sunday’s event in Rocklin finishes up the “California Roll” portion of TBL tour, which will be followed by tournament stops in Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, throughout the rest of 2017 and into early 2018.

“While Pure Life Collective might have taken home all the marbles, there were plenty of shenanigans and some highly enjoyable good times that went down last night,” said TBL Commissioner Gary “Spacey” Lane. “And that’s what these TBL events are really all about.”

The Big Lebongski Tournament of Champions is scheduled for April 20, 2018, at Pickwick Lanes in Burbank, California. The grand champion team will receive the TBL prize trophy–“a smashing, handcrafted bowling pin-shaped bong that is contested annually by some of the trippiest bowlers on the planet.”

For more information on TBL tour schedule, team roster, entries and sponsorship opportunities visit TheBigLebongski.com.