Indo Expo Branches Out

The five-year-old show will take place April 28-29 at Craneway Pavilion, where iconic Rosie the Riveter worked.

Indo Expo Craneway Pavilion mg magazine April 2018
Indo Expo Craneway Pavilion mg magazine April 2018

SAN FRANCISCO After five years of successful shows in Colorado and Oregon, Indo Expo is going to California.

Indo Expo focuses on building business-to-business relationships between cannabis producers, retailers, and professionals. With recreational cannabis still taking shape in California, now is the ideal time for businesses to network and prepare for the future, according to Indo Expo Executive Director Chris Olson.


The event will feature companies “from all spectrums of the cannabis industry, including those who specialize in cultivation, extraction, lighting, nutrients, greenhouses, supplies, processing tools, hydroponic and garden supplies, lifestyle, and ancillary cannabis businesses, companies and services such as legal, HVAC, IT, packaging, labeling, security and real estate, brokers, consultants and more,” a prepared statement noted.

The show will take place April 28-29 at the Craneway Pavilion, which sits on the beautiful San Francisco Bay in Richmond, California. Formerly a Ford Motor Company factory during World War II, Craneway is most famous as the location where the iconic Rosie the Riveter worked. Naomi Parker, the real-life Rosie the Riveter, passed away earlier this year. To honor Parker’s memory and the influential role she and other working women played in the war effort, “we decided to theme the event ‘Influential Women in Cannabis,'” Olson told mg.

Building on that theme, Indo Expo will feature an entire seminar hall with an all-female speaker lineup. In addition to some of the industry’s leading women execs, the hall will see the debut of the short film Mary Janes: The Women of Weed.

Katie Wallace is set to deliver the keynote address. Wallace is the corporate social responsibility manager at New Belgium Brewing Co. The beer maker is the fourth largest micro-brewer in the United States and is known for producing Fat Tire. New Belgium recently joined the cannabis industry with a hemp-based brew.

Although the general public will have the chance to attend the expo and learn about the cannabis industry, the event is geared toward industry members. On Saturday, April 28, the show will admit only members of the cannabis industry. On Sunday, April 29, the event will be open to the public and industry members.

A two-day pass is $99, and a Sunday-only pass is $39.

“A percentage of proceeds go to wildfire relief funds in Northern California,” Olson said.

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