Buddy’s Chocolate Haus Tastes Victory At WEEDCon Cannabis Cup Competition

Logo: WEEDCon

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Claiming victory for Best THC Chocolate for their cannabis-infused Strawberry White Chocolate Bar at the WEEDCon 420 Cup, Buddy’s Chocolate Haus now has their taste buds set on another award – the WEEDCon Cup at WEEDCon West. Judged by industry professionals including dispensary buyers, cannabis chefs, farmers and cannabis CEO’s, the WEEDCon Cup is cannabis’ most coveted award.

To support the cannabis industry when the virus first hit, WEEDCon presented the Online 420 Cup charging only $4.20 to enter. “Everyone was in distress when the virus hit and people were paralyzed with fear,” says WEEDCon Founder, John Williams. “The WEEDCon 420 Cup was about bringing our industry together and helping new brands introduce themselves to the world.”


Companies like Buddy’s Chocolate Haus, a family owned chocolatier making infused edibles, produced their first batch of infused chocolate in fully compliant packaging in January of 2020. Now, and after winning Best Chocolate, Buddy’s Chocolate Haus has products in more than 40 dispensaries across California.

With approximately 200 legal cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles, there is clearly room to grow and Buddy’s Chocolate Haus will be announcing new flavors at WEEDCon West in Hollywood this September. Cannabis is accepted worldwide as treatment for sleeplessness, anxiety, inflammation, pain and even cancer according to the US Government website www.cancer.gov “Cannabinoids may cause antitumor effects …including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, …Cannabinoids appear to kill tumor cells …”1

Joining Buddy’s Chocolate Haus at WEEDCon will be Skunk Masters, Sun Brand CBD, Originals, High Tide Distribution, Fiddlers Greens and 50 others exhibiting. Specialty areas include a Farmers Market, A Taste of Cannabis, Health and Wellness Area, the WEEDCon canna-beverage bar and the WEEDCon Cup.

WEEDCon attendee proceeds go to benefit black lives through nonprofit, Safety Harbor Kids since 2007. No cannabis sales will be permitted and all attendees must abide all County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Orders2 including wearing face masks, washing hands frequently and staying six feet apart.

WEEDCon has taken the lead in providing the cannabis industry with a safety protocol for events including UV sanitization, HEPA air filtration systems in the restrooms, one way aisles, temperature taking and a trained Covid-19 specialist onsite and full compliance with all county health orders. Visit www.weedconproductions.com and www.buddyschocolatehaus.com.

2 http://www.publichealth.lacounty.gov/