Sundazed Debuts Premium Line of Cannabis Pre Rolls First to Integrate Instagram Filters Into Packaging

a light pink preroll box with a matching pack of matches surrounded by pink flowersh
photo: sundazed

LOS ANGELES — Sundazed announced today the debut of its flagship cannabis pre roll products available in three sizes: single pre roll of .7 grams of flower, and a 5 pack and 10 pack of pre rolls, both containing 3.5 grams of flower. The line of premium cannabis products were specially developed for the conscious cannabis consumer, catering directly to those who use cannabis as a means to elevate their quality of life and elevate day-to-day experiences.  

Sundazed’s line of pre rolls and flower are available in three strains including: After Hours, Glow Up and Daydream. Unlike other cannabis companies that focus on a strain’s psychoactive effects, Sundazed is committed to terpene education which provides customers with a deeper understanding of the cannabinoids found in each strain and how they interact with both the mind and body. Each Sundazed product includes a detailed description of the terpenes found in every strain, providing the full scope of the Sundazed flower experience.  


In addition to terpene education, Sundazed is committed to the customer experience, incorporating experiential elements into its packaging. Each Sundazed SKU includes a QR code that opens to one of three Instagram filters created exclusively for the brand by famed Instagram AR makeup filter artist, @Sasha_Soul_Art. Sundazed has also spearheaded a “Pink Ticket” initiative, where one 5 pack contains a pink ticket that can be turned in for a $250 gift card. Both the Pink Ticket and Instagram filters are prime examples of Sundazed’s ability to create an interactive experience with its customers, marrying technology, cannabis and pop culture in a way that has not been done in the cannabis industry. 

With a background in the hospitality and beauty industries, and a long-time cannabis user, owner and founder of Sundazed, Sarah Aziz, decided to take her professional knowledge and expertise and apply it to the cannabis industry. Noticing a void in the space, Aziz began to develop what would eventually become Sundazed, a line of highly curated, experiential cannabis products catered to creatives like herself. 

“Sundazed is a love letter to the feminine energy of the plant,” said Aziz. “The beauty of the ideation of my products is that they were created around the terpene profiles and aligning those to the experiences that best suit them. Understanding the plant deeper allows us to consume it and take advantage of it in our own lives in the best, most suitable and personalized way and because of that it raises our satisfaction in life,” said Aziz.

Sundazed’s aesthetic is carefully curated to reflect the values and lifestyle of Aziz’s ideal customer: on-the-go, style-savvy, young professional, who prefers an occasional smoke to a glass of wine. Tapping one of the most sought after digital artists and designers, Paul Milinski, Aziz developed the brand’s signature pale pink and hunter green packaging reminiscent of 80’s Beverly Hills-meets-serene-escapism. Intent on creating packaging that resonates with the Sundazed customer, Milinski’s packaging design brings Sundazed to life in a way that’s yet to be seen in the industry. 

“Every touch point of the product experience has been thought out – from the pack opening like the iconic Razr cell phone to the QR code which leads to our Sundazed filter created by @Sasha_Soul_Art who creates some of the most popular AR filters on Instagram,” said Aziz. “It’s this attention to detail and integration of a multitude of arts and creative minds that makes the Sundazed brand unique and will keep the customer wanting more,” said Aziz.

Sundazed product line ranges from $12 to $45 and is available at Dr. Greenthumb’s-LAX dispensary with wider distribution set for 2022. For more information, please visit 

About Sundazed

Sundazed is a female-owned cannabis lifestyle brand founded by Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, Sarah Aziz. Sundazed is focused on the female cannabis experience with an emphasis on terpene education, quality and customer experience. Sundazed is committed to delivering the highest quality cannabis to its customers. 

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