Miss Grass Announces Purposeful Rebrand and Five New SKUs

product display of Miss Grass flower a rolled join lays on a table in front of three stacks of weed filled jars, one purple, one red, and one blue

LOS ANGELES — Miss Grass, a female-founded and community-driven cannabis brand, today announces a full-scale rebrand of its premium cannabis line. In tandem with Women’s History Month, Miss Grass will introduce new, design-driven and effects-led packaging across its THC and hemp offerings, as well as five new SKUs.

Female-led and community-oriented, Miss Grass has gained a national following as a brand addressing the needs of female consumers, the fastest growing and a frequently underserved demographic in the cannabis industry. Through the rebrand, Miss Grass aims to further empower all consumers to make confident and informed decisions to enhance their well-being through cannabis products.


The rebrand features updated packaging with a new MG icon and color-coded jars, doob tubes, boxes and sachets to signify each of Miss Grass’ carefully selected strains and the effects and emotions they elicit. Strains include Fast Times (Blood Orange; Sativa Dominant; Bloom + Play) , Quiet Times (Sapphire Blue; Indica Dominant; Restore + Anchor) and All Times (Lilac Purple; Hybrid; Harmony + Flow), along with Half Times Minis pre-rolls, a true, 1:1 THC:CBD for a casual and balanced high, signified with Cloud Pink and available throughout California. Each recyclable and up-cyclable tinted glass jar of Flower includes a sticker with terpene and strain information to clearly and concisely inform the consumer about the product—and the high they can expect to achieve.

“As educated and helpful as budtenders can be, it is important for consumers to be able to advocate for their individual health and well-being, particularly women who are often overlooked,” said Kate Miller, co-founder and CEO of Miss Grass. “Through a mix of informative packaging and color psychology, our rebrand reflects Miss Grass’ mission to educate, equip and empower our community with resources that help them live vibrantly and consume consciously.”

In addition to already beloved SKUs such as Miss Grass Minis, Generous Eighth Flower and Half Ounce Flower, Miss Grass has also launched Slims, slender reusable doob tubes containing two .5g pre-rolls, and Sparks, pocket-sized sachets containing two .3g pre-rolls. Slims and Sparks are available in either classic strains or infused with THCA diamonds, Miss Grass’ first infused product offerings.

Miss Grass’ rebrand will also support its ongoing mission to create a more equitable industry. From March 15 to 31, one dollar from every Flower and Mini purchase will be donated to the Women’s Prison Association, which empowers women impacted by incarceration to redefine their lives with resources and opportunities related to housing, career, healthcare and more. This initiative is in addition to Miss Grass’s existing, continuous philanthropy that allows online shoppers to donate 1% of their purchases to a nonprofit of their choice.

For product availability, please visit Miss Grass’ website and store locator.

About Miss Grass

Miss Grass is on a mission to help the world get good at weed. With signature THC and CBD products and a carefully curated online smoke shop and marketplace, the female-founded, community-driven cannabis brand offers everything the discerning, modern cannabis user needs. In addition to introducing consumers to the latest and greatest in the weed world, Miss Grass also offers a wealth of resources that educate on the history, science, and culture of cannabis—all in the spirit of conscious consumption. Miss Grass is working to eradicate the stigma around cannabis and make it more accessible to everybody, everywhere. Learn more at www.missgrass.com.