UK’s First Educational Cannabis Advertising Campaign

LONDON – For the first time ever, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) & Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) has approved an educational cannabis message to be advertised in the public domain – a huge step forward for the existing cannabis industry due to extremely restrictive advertising rules around cannabis. We have set a new precedent for cannabis marketing, pioneering a fresh objective view of the contested plant. Launching this week in multiple prime Central London locations including Westminster, Trafalgar Square, and Oxford Street – the bold campaign is on display for 2 weeks.

This news welcomes a new chapter of growth for cannabis companies, as figures have shown the industry is worth £690m in 2021, while fighting through an already challenging environment.


Opening the door for advertising

“For years cannabis companies have struggled to make any footprint through paid advertising, with very few brands able to have their campaigns cleared even globally. Confidence is starting to grow however, with the ASA & CAP allowing us to officially submit, and challenge old restrictions currently stopping the rest of the industry, we are confident of a new wave of growth for the space,” said Marwan Elgamal from THC ® & Endo.

“Allowing these new forms of advertising media helps the communication of complex ideas to become ‘intelligible and comprehensive’, by breaking the psychological shackles disallowing potential consumers the right to make well informed decisions,” said Helaku Whyles from Endo Agency.

YouGov polling data has shown that the UK is now broadly in support of cannabis legalisation, with 53% in favour, 32% in opposition and the rest undecided. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, recently said he wants to have experts ‘examine the latest evidence’ to see whether the decriminalisation of cannabis would benefit the capital and country at large.

Endo’s publication on the Endocannabinoid system is available on request.

About Marwan Elgamal

Bio: Marwan Elgamal – Founder of THC ® & ENDO is featured as one of the top 100 most influential people in the cannabis industry today. He has a hand in creatively building some of the industry’s leading companies across Europe, and is developing one of the largest lifestyle brands taking on cannabis reform today.

About Helaku Whyles

Co-founder of Helaku Whyles has dedicated his design practice to the systematic re-contextualisation of cannabis. His work aims to communicate to the untapped future potential consumers of cannabis based products, where he sees huge benefits both economically and environmentally.


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ENDO promises to creativity, inform big media, and most importantly benefit the people.

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