Wana Brands Launches Quick Fast–Acting Gummies and Optimals Fast Asleep in New Mexico



Wana Brands is bringing its best-in-class cannabis-infused gummies–including Wana Quick Fast-Acting Happy Hour-inspired Gummies and Wana Fast Asleep Optimals–to New Mexico.


“At Wana Brands, we recognize that people come to cannabis for a myriad of reasons. That is why we are constantly aiming to innovate with products, including our exclusive Wana Quick Fast-Acting Happy Hour Gummies and Wana Optimals Fast Asleep Gummies,” said Nancy Whiteman, CEO, Wana Brands. “From our Quick Fast Acting gummies that onset in about 15 minutes to our Optimals Fast Asleep gummies that leverage a unique mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, Wana offers an option for every type of cannabis consumer.”

Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies are the company’s innovative and popular fast-onset cannabis-infused edible line featuring happy hour-inspired flavors. Providing a novel edible experience with an onset time of 5-15 mins and Delta-9-THC effects, similar to an inhalation effect and lasting up to three hours, the Wana product line features a vegan all-natural recipe with no high fructose corn syrup. Traditional edibles have an onset time of up to two hours, with effects lasting up to six hours.

Fast, effective and innovative, Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies harness TiME (Thermodynamic Individual Molecular Encapsulation), a quick onset technology from Azuca. While traditional edibles convert Delta-9-THC in the digestive tract to 11-Hydroxy-THC, Wana Quick gummies feature individually encapsulated Delta-9-THC cannabinoids with greater bioavailability that work at the molecular level to bypass the liver and enter the bloodstream immediately. For most, this means onset in less than 15 minutes and a Delta-9-THC experience that lasts two to four hours.

In addition to Wana’s groundbreaking Quick Fast-Acting Gummies, the brand is also introducing New Mexico consumers to Wana Optimals Fast Asleep Gummies, the revolutionary new cannabis-infused product designed specifically as a fast-acting sleep aid.  As many as 70 million people in the United States wrestle with unsatisfactory sleep, and cannabis sleep products have become one of the most sought-after cannabis products. From Wana Brands’ line of daily wellness products, Fast Asleep is designed to deliver better sleep faster by also leveraging TiME along with a custom sleep formulation powered by Wana’s ongoing research on minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Carefully crafted to address the root causes of sleeplessness, such as stress and physical discomfort, rather than simply inducing drowsiness, each fast-acting gummy contains 10mg CBD for calming and relaxing effects and promoting REM sleep; 2mg CBN, which can lower stress, relieve tension and alleviate physical discomfort; 2mg CBG for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects; 2mg THC, which works with the CBD to help regulate the body’s circadian rhythm; 1mg Melatonin, a sleep hormone to enhance the effects of these powerhouse cannabinoids; and 30+ Specialized Terpenes, chosen via extensive user research for their sleep-promoting properties. Wana Optimals Fast Asleep Gummies are also vegan and organically sweetened. All Wana products are manufactured in line with cGMP and HACCP practices and are tested for potency.

The following Wana Brands gummies are now available in New Mexico:

Wana Quick Fast-Acting Peach Bellini (Sativa): The juicy peach flavor of a sparkling peach bellini infused with sativa terpene-enhanced distillate, which has been known to cause a more uplifting and motivating effect. 10mg THC per piece, 100mg THC per package (10 pieces).

Wana Quick Fast-Acting Limoncello (Hybrid): Infused with a terpene-enhanced hybrid blend, these sweetly sour gummies deliver a smooth, balanced effect. 10mg THC per piece, 100mg THC per package (10 pieces).

Wana Quick Fast-Acting Strawberry Margarita (1:1): Sweet and citrusy (with a hint of salt), these fast-acting gummies are infused with a balanced ratio of CBD and hybrid terpene-enhanced THC distillate. 10mg THC/10mg CBD per piece, 100mg THC/100mg CBD per package (10 pieces).

Wana Quick Fast-Acting Island Punch (Indica): These terpene-enhanced indica gummies have a mouth-watering tropical punch flavor with hints of grape, orange, cherry and pineapple. 10mg THC per piece, 100mg THC per package (10 pieces).

Wana Optimals Fast Asleep Gummies: These gummies deliver a sweet mixed berry flavor, along with a custom blend of CBD, THC, CBG, CBN and melatonin. They are also enhanced with more than 30 specialized terpenes, curated based on AI-generated data from thousands of consumer experiences — and all delivered via fast-acting nano-technology to help you feel sleepy in just 5-15 minutes without next-day grogginess. 2mg THC/10mg CBD/2mg CBN/2mg CBG/1mg melatonin per piece  (10 pieces per package).

Wana Brands: Enhance Your Life

With North America’s largest distribution footprint, cannabis edibles producer Wana Brands is a top international brand available in 14 U.S. states, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and nine Canadian provinces and territories, generating close to $300 million in retail sales annually across more than 3,000 dispensaries. Through industry-leading innovation, Wana is developing cutting-edge use-case formulations and recipes, such as Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies, the top-selling quick-onset edible, and the Optimals Fast Asleep formulation. Wana is committed to the communities it serves by supporting more than 50 charitable organizations in the markets where the company operates. For more information or to subscribe to Wana’s e-newsletter, visit www.wanabrands.com. Follow Wana on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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