Modern Martini Rx Is Shaking Up the Marketplace

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SPI 334114 2

Modern Martini Rx launches the first cannabis-infused Martini cocktail—sans alcohol—in California.

“Sales have been great so far,” said Modern Martini Rx founder and Chief Executive Officer Brooke Wiseman. “We are at a growing stage and quickly picking up momentum every week.” Having launched in only September 2015, the cocktails already are sold in more than a dozen dispensaries in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Riverside, and Berkeley. The San Diego-based company now has nine employees, with Wiseman overseeing and managing the staff as-well as generating and implementing creative marketing ideas.

The marketing strategy is straightforward: participate in cannabis conventions, have an in-house call center where employees are in constant contact with dispensaries, and buy radio ads in California. So far, the marketplace’s interest has been piqued, but will the cocktail change consuming habits? Wiseman thinks so.


“I believe that Modern Martini Rx will change the behavior of todays cocktail drinkers,” she said. “The thinking is that they will consume cannabis martinis instead of alcohol ones.”

The potent cocktail contains extract of raw cannabis (100-150mg sativa) and other delightful ingredients that are all lab-tested. “Drinking the Rx Martini will never get someone drunk or even tipsy,” noted Wiseman. Right now, she seems to have a monopoly on the market, too. “I have not seen another product that is designed as a cannabis cocktail—without alcohol. In addition, our sleek and sexy packaging was designed by one of the best design firms in California. We’ve even been issued a Design Patent for the bottle. At this time, we are the world’s first beverage corporation to tap into this category.”

The ingredients start with purified water, natural flavors, THC, and a secret flavoring ingredient—all overseen by a chemist.

Absinthe Pear: Take the flavor of a crisp, sweet pear, add a splash of premium cannabis, and you have the ideal drink to take to the beach.
Canna Cosmo: The urban aesthete’s cocktail of choice blends sweet-tart cranberry juice into an aromatic delight.
Ganja Grape: A lovely mix of grape flavor that refreshes at any time of day.
High on the Beach: This fruity punch combines peach schnapps, orange juice, and carefully selected fruits.
G6 Punch Berry: With its exotic blue look and the finest lemon, cranberry, and pineapple flavors, G6 will quench anyone’s thirst—or pleasure.
Whipped Strawberry Crème: A delicious surprise of natural strawberries and crème flavoring.
Deluxious Chocolate: Robust, delightful, and organic chocolate.

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