Zoots Has Serving Sizes for Every Lifestyle

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ZOOTS Group cc web

Zoots offers consistently dosed products that allow consumers to choose precisely what they want.

Manufacturers of cannabis-infused edibles face a unique challenge when trying to reach new customers. There is a good chance an inexperienced consumer will ingest more than the recommended dosage and have a wild, anxiety-ridden experience. It’s difficult to convince from consumers to become repeat customers if a product scares the daylights out of them.

In the heat of the moment, it can be challenging to figure out exactly what 1/6 of a cookie is, making the likelihood of over ingestion pretty high. Even if one is precise as they break apart their infused pastry, how can they be certain the dosage was evenly distributed? What if one side has a higher concentration of THC than the other? Zoots products offer solutions.


Zoots, edibles, products, marijuanaZoots was founded July 16, 2014, when the owners received their license from the state of Washington. According to Zoots co-founder Patrick Devlin, the company’s mission is to “set new standards of purity, consistency, and quality, all to ensure a better, more informed and more enjoyable experience for the consumer.”

This may sound like many other mission statements, but Zoots has created a product line that backs up the talk. ZootsDrops, for instance, comes with a child-resistant measuring cap that also protects adults by allowing them to control their serving size with ease. “A single capful will hold a 5mg THC serving, so just pour yourself more or less as desired,” Devlin said.

For those seeking infused baked goods, ZootBites may satisfy their hunger. The low-dose treats are dosed at 10mg each and include Caramel Espresso Brownies and Kooki Dough Blondies. The company recently added Chocolate Mint and Snickerdoodle cookies, dosed at 5mg each.

Fans of candies may be excited to hear about ZootRocks. The infused nuggets come in Caramel, Tart Green Apple, and ZootBerry. The sweets are gluten-free and available in vegan and sugar-free forms as well as the original. ZootRocks contain 5mg of THC in each piece.

Although Zoots makes interesting products, working with cannabis is not all fun and games. “We understand that our products are intoxicants, and it is our utmost priority to promote responsible adult use and consumer safety,” Devlin said.

Consistent dosing is instrumental in promoting consumer safety. “We use in-house, sophisticated technology that tests for the potency of each batch of extract,” said Devlin.

“We understand our products are intoxicants, and it is our utmost priority to promote responsible adult use and consumer safety.” —Zoots co-founder Patrick Devlin

Properly dosed extracts are an important ingredient to the edibles-making process, but Zoots takes additional steps to ensure product quality. “When t comes to producing the edibles, we blend our Cypress Extract throughout the product to ensure even distribution and to provide a more predictable and consistent experience. Some companies just spray the THC directly onto the exterior of their products.”

Trusting a cannabis product’s impact opens the consumer to new ways of using infused products. Cannabis no longer is relegated to the college campus. There is an emerging market for mature consumers, seeking fun in moderation. “We’ve found that more and more people are seeking low-dose products they can enjoy socially, as they may do at a party with a glass of wine or a cocktail,” Devlin said. Discretion is another important factor for non-millennial consumers. A picture posted online of a parent inhaling a joint may create a difficult situation to explain to a child.

But a few discrete ZootDrops in a drink help avoid that situation. Although 5mg of THC may not be a lot to ingest, skeptical newcomers easily can cut the dose in half. “Our ZootDrops Cannabis Infused Concentrates can easily be dosed at 2.5mg with just a half capful,” Devlin pointed out.

Nightlife thrill-seekers are not the only group of people who can benefit from Zoots’s products. Cannabis is becoming incorporated into active lifestyles. “We’ve developed products with those consumers in mind,” Devlin said. ZootBlasts, for example, are infused energy shots caffeinated with yerba matte and guarana. They also “include lemon balm to provide sustainable energy and mental clarity. We call them a clear-headed high with an energy kick.” With the phrase carpe diem written on the label of every bottle, ZootBlasts are designed to make the most of the day.

Zoots is convinced product-labeling is a key to turn occasional users into devoted fans. The company has branded in a way “that customers would easily recognize as a normal consumer-packaged good, like something they might buy at Starbucks or their neighborhood market,” Devlin said. All Zoots products include usage instructions, nutritional facts, ingredients lists, and cautions about allergens. Buying brownies with pot leaves all over the packaging may not foster a comfortable purchase, especially for new consumers.

Zoots, products, marijuana, edibles,Beyond promoting a mainstream feel, Zoots’s packaging serves other considerations. “We use a specific color palette in our designs that is directed to a more mature audience, as well as child-safe packing to prevent access from minors,” Devlin said.

Packaging now has a wider purpose in the cannabis industry. Product containers no longer are considered an afterthought, but rather the first line of defense in preventing unintentional ingestion. States have crafted specific requirements to ensure safety guidelines for infused edibles are followed correctly.

This creates a challenge for cannabis companies. Many companies have been forced to develop entirely new containers. Since states create their own regulations, the challenge is even bigger for companies operating in multiple states. Some Zoots products are packaged differently for sale in Colorado than they are in Washington in order to meet the child-resistant packaging requirements of each state. “The differences in regulations from state to state can be challenging, but smart, effective regulations will Success in different states may require considerable work, but it will position Zoots to be a major force as the cannabis industry moves forward. The company to expand into several more states. This month, Zoots with be available in the Northeast. The company also plans to be operating in California and Oregon by the end of the year.

Zoots also intends to expand its product line. “Bringing more CBD products to the market is a priority for us,” Devlin said.

Devlin is looking ahead to a time when federal authorities will work directly with cannabis companies. “Although the FDA currently does not regulate marijuana, we voluntarily chose to follow its guidelines on food safety,” Devlin said while describing how Zoots makes its products. “Our facilities uphold the same standards as any other packaged-food facilities.”

The future looks good for Zoots, but Devlin said he is excited about the industry as a whole: “Businesses affiliated with the industry in the U.S. have a tremendous opportunity to become world leaders in exporting technology and intellectual property.”