GRAV Glass Joints Are the Future for Consumers and Leading Brands

Consumers enjoy experiencing cannabis’s natural flavors, and brands have a licensing opportunity.

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Cannabis flower displays an extraordinary variety of distinct aromas, unique flavors, and vibrant colors. By their very nature, rolling papers obscure much of the remarkable nuance, so GRAV developed a sustainable product that allows flower’s power to shine through — literally: GRAV Glass Joints.

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“Strains deserve all the glory, with no paper or glue detracting from the gorgeous essence of the herb,” GRAV founder Dave Daily said.

The GRAV team is composed of glass experts who view the company’s product line through an artistic lens. Like other cannabis connoisseurs, they consider glass superior to rolling papers or tobacco-based wraps, but there is no denying the convenience and portability of those options. So the team set out to create something that could offer many of the benefits of rolling papers but maintain the quality and sustainability associated with glass pieces.

GRAV Glass Joints are reusable. They can help mitigate the environmental impact of the plastic “doob tubes” in which pre-rolls usually are packages and the cardboard boxes that contain rolling papers. But there are other benefits, as well — especially for those who can’t seem to avoid “canoeing” paper joints.

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Unlike a traditional joint, the glass joint guarantees a clean smoke each time,” said Daily.If you are near water or in the rain, it doesn’t become a soggy pain in the ass like a traditional joint.”

Another benefit for consumers is the elimination of guessing games. Sure, some branded pre-rolls can be trusted, but consumers may be skeptical that their house pre-roll truly contains a top-shelf strain. GRAV believes consumers don’t want flower shrouded in mystery behind rolling papers; they should be able to see exactly what they plan to consume.

Although Glass Joints function a bit differently from a rolled joint, the mechanics are quite simple.

“The mouthpiece slides in and out of the prefilled glass tube like a slide whistle,” explained Micah Evans, director of product design. “As you smoke, you can push the mouthpiece farther down the glass tube, extruding the ash. Once the ash falls out, you are left with fresh product and able to hit once again.”

GRAV has been innovative with its product line since day one, and the brand constantly reevaluates how to improve existing products or create new ones to fill an unmet need in the marketplace.

“As we started down the path of exploring what kind of options we could add to the prefilled cannabis space, the joint jumped out as the prime candidate for that exploration,” Evans said. “I like to think of it more like a never-ending one-hitter: Take a hit and push out the ash — like those push-pop popsicles, but with weed.

Glass Joints offer another big benefit not typically found with rolling papers: branding opportunities.

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“GRAV is actively looking to partner with cannabis brands in legal recreational states,” said Director of Business Development Red Rodriguez. “Since launching the market’s first all-glass pre-roll, GRAV has been open to conversations with brands to include this innovative product within their portfolio. The Glass Joints give cannabis brands and cultivators the opportunity to stand out from other brands and give their consumers the purest way to experience their flower.”

The Cure Company became the first official Glass Joints licensing partner.

“We love the purity of smoking out of glass and the fact that consumers will have the opportunity to engage more fully with the experience with the Glass Joints as opposed to traditional paper pre-rolls,” a spokesperson for The Cure Company said. 

Glass Joints became a consumer favorite as soon as they were launched this summer.

“People recognize and are excited to see GRAV in the shop,” said Daniel Romero, a budtender at House of Flowers. “There’s an ‘aha’ moment when they connect the glass company with the Glass Joints. It’s been cool seeing people come back specifically to purchase them.”

For more information about Glass Joints, email [email protected].

GRAV will display and demonstrate the Glass Joints October 20 through 22 in booth N2226 at MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

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