MAXCORE: Redefining Vaporizer Technology

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Market analysts Arcview Market Research and BDSA recently reported cannabis vape sales in the U.S. generated $1.6 billion during 2018. They predict the category will reach sales of $10.6 billion by 2024. That figure could go higher if current trends continue: Since January 2020, major vape brands have reported sales increases of as much as 71 percent.

Without a doubt, vaporizers are the hot cannabis product category right now. Capturing a share of the market isn’t easy, though. Competition in the space is fierce, and brands that want to stand out must appeal not only to consumers’ aesthetic tastes but also to their desire for safety, performance, and affordability.


MAXCORE raises the bar

Cannabis vaping technology company MAXCORE, an independent business unit of one of the top e-cigarette manufacturers in the world by volume, develops cutting-edge solutions for the global cannabis market. Anchored by five state-of-the-art, GMP-certified factories with a combined 1.3 million square feet of production space, the company produces 12.5 million cartridges, disposables, pod systems, and batteries annually. Research and development teams in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Shenzhen, China, comprise more than 300 engineering professionals and R&D experts (20 percent of whom hold PhDs) who have developed 829 national and international patents.

MAXCORE's newest cannabis vaporizer technology mg Magazine
MAXCORE’s latest vaporizer technology. (Image: MAXCORE)

According to General Manager Ben, MAXCORE’s current leading technology is a patented ceramic heating system specifically designed for cannabis oil. Engineered to preserve oil’s authentic flavor, the specially formulated ceramic core fully vaporizes a variety of viscosities to deliver maximum potency without burning, overheating, or waste. Ceramic heating elements including ceramic core porosity, ceramic formula, oil intake hole size, and resistance are customizable.

MAXCORE’s newest product, Clear Plus, was designed to meet evolving consumer expectations. Its discreet size makes the device easily portable, and the 900 mAh high-voltage battery and full-gram volume allow people with busy schedules to recharge themselves day and night.

U.S. market responds

Cannabis market leaders including VPM have taken notice of MAXCORE’s production capacity, consumer-experience-focused designs, and dedication to ongoing research and development. “MAXCORE is pushing the boundaries of vaporizer technology,” a VPM spokesperson said. “Their R&D program, which works closely with top universities and leading technology institutes, is especially impressive. Aside from the category-leading ceramic heating platform, their products are visually appealing and priced right, and their production capacity is unsurpassed, meaning we’ll have plenty of supply to meet demand.”

MAXCORE expects to release a brand-new technology soon. The patented technology, which spent more than 800 days in R&D, represents another revolutionary ceramic heating design. Adopting a ceramic core with ultra-high sintering temperature at 1,200 degrees, MAXCORE’s newest technology evenly distributes 100 million micropores across the cannabis oil supply area, resulting in 2.4 times more capacity and a 17-percent increase in vape juice transfer speed. Made of pure food-grade material, the physical structure has been optimized to improve the ceramic core’s atomizing efficiency and save 20 percent energy. The newest technology will produce excellent consistency and reliability with quick atomizing in 0.1 seconds without flavor decrease over time.

“We are excited about the cannabis market’s future,” said Ben, “but our primary focus is helping deliver the cannabis people need for health and wellbeing.”