Stache: Dab Rigs for Everyday People

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Stache RiO all-in-one dab rig. (Photo: Stache)

Concentrate sales were up 40 percent year-over-year in 2020. An increasing number of consumers are taking the plunge into dabbing, but they’re finding traditional equipment to be a significant barrier to entry.

Stache spotted and met the need for hassle-free dab rigs early. Rod Santos founded the company in 2015, after realizing traditional dab rigs with their batteries, coils, and dental tools intimidated some consumers. So, he created a smoking device that simplifies the process and changes the dab game. “Since we launched Stache, innovation has been the biggest driver of what we do,” Santos said.


The company’s first product was the Stache Pen, a novel dab device with a silicon stash section that allowed early concentrate adopters to rip on the go. The first-of-its-kind device utilized advanced coils and storage options as a solution to a standard battery. Legions of copycats quickly followed, and the Stache quickly pivoted to tackling the bigger problem of dab rigs. The iconic RiO (Rig in One) resulted.

“The RiO is a fully modular, portable dab rig with a torch built into it,” said Chief Operating Officer Alex Dotti. “No battery; no coil. It’s completely different from anything else on the market.” RiO comes equipped with a borosilicate-glass micro-rig bubbler, a shower head percolator, and a core quartz banger. The device also has a poured marble resin base with a swirling design that is completely unique to each device.

Housed in a neat little to-go case, RiO was built to meet the needs of the everyday users who are Stache’s core demographic—a key differentiator for the brand. “Something that really sets us apart from our competitors is that we saw the problems people were having and we have been creating products to solve them for six years,” Dotti said.

According to Santos, “We understand our products get used on a daily basis, and we design them with that in mind. This is also why the majority of our products are modular. If there is an issue with a part, we replace just that part instead of the entire unit. This is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for our consumers, and it creates less waste.”

RiO has found an enthusiastic market in older users and consumers with arthritis, as using traditional torches and rigs can be difficult on their hands. “The RiO has made using a dab rig so simple,” said Dotti. “It’s just a twist and a click, and the torch is on. Everything is all in one.”

RiO’s price impresses, coming in at a manufacturer’s suggested retail of $199, significantly lower than the original $250. “Dab rigs can be expensive,” said Dotti. “We’ve worked really hard to bring our pricing down to make it more affordable.” She hinted the company is considering white labeling its rigs, opening the door to future collaborations with concentrate brands and dispensaries.

Stache’s newest product is considerably more affordable. The ConNetar debuted in January at an MSRP of $20. The “nectar collector” can be attached to a standard 510-thread vape battery and makes the concentrate bar seem a lot more appealing to those new to the consumption method.

“You just screw it on the top of a 510,” explained Dotti. “This has a really big appeal, because everyone has a few 510 batteries lying around. Instead of having to buy an expensive nectar collector or a whole rig, you can use a device that you already have that you may no longer use and turn that into a device you can use every day.”

Dotti said the demand has been so intense the company sold out its first 10,000-unit run in less than a month. The devices are back in stock now, and Stache’s menu-wide inventory levels have stabilized after a year of supply chain disruptions. “Everything’s back in full swing,” Dotti said. “Our manufacturing process is faster than ever. We’re fully stocked and will stay that way.”

The brand loyalty Stache enjoys is due not only in its products, but also its customer service to both retailers and consumers. “Our support team is phenomenal, which really makes us stand out from competitors,” Santos said. “We believe support is incredibly important. It’s what connects the customers to the brand, and we take that very seriously.”

“At the end of the day, we are patients and consumers ourselves,” he added. “We have a lot of industry knowledge and stand by our products.”